Sutter Health's “Resilient"


Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2021


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Directing duo Plummer/Strauss aims to ease patients back into the doctor's office in this campaign for Sutter Health by barrettSF.

A new Sutter Health spot, "Resilient," via agency barrettSF and directed by Plummer/Strauss aims to ease patients back into the doctor's office. "We humans are resilient," commences the 30-second ad, as scenes unfold of people moving on with life after surgery, refreshing themselves in nature, and even entering the world. It goes on to remind us that we're vulnerable, too, explaining "At Sutter, we see you as the sometimes vulnerable, always resilient person you are—it's helping every human, every way we can.” 

Getting close up and personal was the guiding force behind the production approach by directing duo Plummer/Strauss who worked side-by-side with the agency early on to design how most effectively to impart a diverse expression of resilience in the face of many life experiences. With two days, two locations and a small crew, the team used tight shots and expressive framing to provide an intimate vantage point on how quality care supports positive momentum. 


Client: Sutter Health
Vice President, Marketing: Jim Macksood, Senior Director of Customer Segment Marketing: Alfred Wang, Director of Customer Segment Marketing: Sapna Parekh, Vice President, Field Marketing: Tracy Murphy, Interim Director of Segment Marketing: Theresa Massie, Vice President, Marketing Research: Jess Lillie, Senior Director, Platform Management and Marketing Technology: Chris Lange

Agency: barrettSF
Chief Creative Officer: Jamie Barrett, Creative Director: Aryan Aminzadeh, Associate Creative Director: Brad Kayal, Art Director: Caylee Hubert, Copywriter: Christian Zerbel, ACD/Designer: Carolina Penner, HOP: Conor Duignan, Broadcast Producer: Davielle Boon, Print Producer: Britt Gardner, Head of Accounts: Robert Woods, Account Director: Lyndsey Dorian, Account Manager: Alliya Brisco

Production Company: kaboom productions
Director Duo: Plummer/Strauss, EP/Founder: Lauren Schwartz, HOP: Steven Sills, DP: Spenser Nottage

Editorial/Post Company: Beast
Editor: Blake Bogosian, Assistant Editor: Evan Mueller

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