Sydney G. James - Creative Tips 2022 | VANS


Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2022


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Be inspired by muralist and artist Syndey G. James as she takes you through her squiggly process of creating a mural from sketch to full-scale public art.


Client: Vans Project: Custom Culture 2022
; Brand Producers: Brianna Ceaser & Marissa Smith
, Brand Creative Director: Bruno Lugilo  Agency: Creative Drinking Agency Producers: Laura Simpson & Kimmy McAtee Bell, 
 Creative Director: Nathan Bell 2022 Logo: Tony Whlgn Production Co: Tuff Contender Director / Producer: DJay Brawner
 EPS: Max Rose & DJay Brawner
 DP: Matt Hoodhood 
Editor: Nem Perez 
Color: Derek Hansen @ Afx Creative 
Sound: Jack Sobo

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