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"The System" TV Series Sneak Preview


Right Word Media
Wednesday, Apr. 24, 2019


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Howard Bowler, the Founder/President of Green Point Creative, the marijuana advocacy branding agency, and HOBO, the award-winning creative audio studio known for its work in features, television and advertising; has announced the launch of HOBO Films, a long-form original content development company. In conjunction with the launch of the compangy they have released the first five-minutes of episode 1 of “The System,” a scripted, dramatic coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the war on drugs.  The show was created by Bowler and features actress Lolita Foster from the Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black.” HOBO Films is currently pursuing distribution options with both traditional broadcast networks and streaming services.

“This series is based on my personal experience raising mixed race children and how the war on drugs affects them differently than it affected my own life,” Bowler says. “When I learned how in the 1970s the federal government came to classify marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, I found the key to a much larger story -- one that hasn’t been told.”

In 2016, Bowler took his first steps towards drug law reform by launching Green Point Creative, the agency he created along with HOBO Vice President Chris Stangroom. The mission was to educate the public on the origin of the “war on drugs.”  In 2017, Green Point Creative scored a huge viral hit with the PSA, “Your Brain On Drug Policy.”  In this recreation of the classic 1997 anti-drug spot, “Your Brain On Drugs” actress Rachael Leigh Cook, reprised her iconic role but with a twist. The Green Point produced PSA was seen over 7 million times and received wide media coverage in publications including Rolling Stone, Slate, Glamour, Essence, Playboy, NY Daily News, CNBC, New York and others.

“The System” pilot was directed by award winning, commercial director Michael Cruz; and edited by Oliver Parker, who just wrapped two seasons of the critically acclaimed BBC series, “London Kills.” 


Client: HOBO Films

Project: "The System" (first 5 minutes)

Writer/Producer: Howard Bowler

Director: Michael Cruz

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