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"The Tables"


Raging Artists
Friday, Aug. 10, 2018


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Directed by Jon Bunning and edited by Union's Karen Kourtessis, "The Tables" is set in the world of Bryant Park ping pong. Shot over four years, the short film is much more about connection than competition. During the day, the park provides paddles and balls, but after 7pm the regulars show up, armed with their own. Every night they come together to battle each other and the elements, playing in the wind, rain and even snow. And out of this shared love of the game, a bond was formed between an unlikely group of people. This is the story of the many lives these tables have touched, including the gangbanger who helped put them there.


Director: Jon Bunning
Editor: Karen Kourtessis
Composer: Christopher Keyes
Colorist: Elias Nousiopoulos
Sound Mixer: Stefano Campello
Music Supervisor: Maxwell Gosling

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