University of Arizona Health Sciences: "Tomorrow Is Here"


Artisans PR
Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020


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"Tomorrow if Here" uses a mix of heartfelt lifestyle scenes and sweeping landscape imagery to evoke University of Arizona Health Sciences' connection to its community.


Agency: Novio
Paul Curtin Founder, CD
Jay Rendon Founder, CD
Leigh Miller Managing Partner
Cathy Carolan Producer

Production Co: Caruso Company

Doug Walker, Director
Joe Aguirre, Director Of Photography
Robert Caruso, Executive Producer
Allan Wachs, Producer
Vieve Haag. Production Supervisor
Janae Bassignani, Production Coordinator
Paul Chaput, 1st AD
Adam Stern, 2nd AD

Editorial; 1606 Studio

Doug Walker, editor
Jon Ettinger, EP
Vickie Sornsilp, HOP
Cameron Maidenberg & Will Dwyer. Assistant Editors

Color: Ayumi Ashley Ntropic
Finish: Ethan Chang Ntropic

Mix: One Union Audio Engineer, Joaby Deal
Marmoset Music Hanan Townshend, Composer

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