IN THE VISIBILE (Short Film / AAPI Stories)


Raging Artists
Tuesday, May. 11, 2021


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In February, 2021, director Natasha Lee and producer Lucia Tran assembled an all-volunteer, all Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI)-identifying crew to sit with AAPI documentary subjects, to learn about their experiences in America - and to capture their reactions to the disturbing - if too familiar - climate in which we find ourselves. On March 16, the mass shooting of six AAPI victims in Atlanta, GA, added to the emotional weight of the material and influenced the experience of making the film. The result is IN THE VISIBLE, a short documentary the filmmakers intend as a tool in the ongoing fight against white supremacy and its systematic, destructive manipulation of the AAPI community against other BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) communities as a ‘model minority.’


Director: Natasha Lee

Producer: Lucia Tran

Subjects: Nithya Raman (South Asian American, LA City Councilwoman), Jake Choi (Korean American, Actor), Joy Cho (Thai American, Designer), Mas Yamashita (Japanese American, Retired), Tisha Alyn (Filipino American, Golfer), Sherry Cola (Chinese American, Comedian/Actress), Larry Sir (Cambodian American, Mechanic), Lindsay Watson (Hawaiian, Actress), Lien Ta (Vietnamese-Chinese American, Restaurateur), Benjamin Holtrop (Taiwanese American, Stylist), June Berk (Japanese American, JANM Volunteer), and Albert Tsai (Taiwanese American, Actor).

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