Thursday, Sep. 21, 2023


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"What On Earth" follows madcap Zizi and her absurd attempts to abate trauma, isolation, and self-doubt with a social media account dedicated to marbled smoothies. But first, she has to patch things up with her roommate (a table lamp), spend some time with her imaginary boyfriend, and, well, actually be able to leave her apartment without having a nervous breakdown.


A Golden LA production @staygoldenla

Written and Directed by Jimmy Marble @jimmymarble

Production and Post
Executive Producer: Matthew Marquis, Producer: Eugene Sapp, Post Producer: Pierre Nobile, Director of Photography: Brett Arndt, Associate Producer: Brenton Roberson, 1ST AD: Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz, Production Designer: Kendra Bradnini, Art Director: Sophie Weir, Editor: Kenneth Casey Swoyer, Colorist: Matt Osborne, Designer: Paul Cayrol, Sound Designer: Keith Ruggiero, Plant Sounds: Ben Sellon, Music: Jeffrey Brodsky, Sound Mixer: Ignacio Martinez Jr, Sound Mixer: Joe McGill

Zizi: Suzanna Son, Imaginary Boyfriend/Cary: Theo Martins, BingoBoingo: Free Oribhabor, BritniSezChill: Fabianne Therese Gstöttenmayr, MelissDaBish: Ameera Mian, Mikey: Paul Norton, Dave: Robbie Pitts, Karl: Carlos Moreira, BigBabyJim69: Jimmy Marble, Unsuspecting Friend: Shawheen Keyani, The Sun: Sage Price, Cool Girl 1: Megan Renee, Cool Girl 2: Juliette Labelle, Cool Girl 3: Matisse Andrew, TwerkyTwin 1: Erin Murray, TwerkyTwin 2: Brittany Hoffner

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