WhiteHat Jr.'s "Santa's Gifts"


Monday, Jan. 11, 2021


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Slash Dynamic director Kiran Koshy directed a charming new holiday-themed spot for WhiteHat Jr.,

What do kids love? Games! WhiteHat Jr. promotes big dreams and ambitions through early learning skills for children through coding. The real promise of coding is not that kids will become computer engineers. Coding is a fun tool for kids to exercise their desire to build, curiosity to question, imagination to explore - the traits that will serve any child well in nearly any career, in every hobby, and in life. The spots are aptly timed, as many kids are currently being remote schooled9.

This heart-warming campaign is a testament to what can be accomplished during Covid, as Kiran was able to effectively direct the spot on the ground in Dallas, with the client being remote in multiple time zones including India and the U.S.


Production Company – Slash Dynamic
Director – Kiran Koshy
Executive Producer – Tanya Cohen
Line Producer – Adam Kaiser
DP/Colorist – Michael Jensen
Mix – TJ Callaway
Editor – Adam Henderson

Contact Name: 
Caitlin Cohen
Contact phone: 
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