The Witnesses


Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021


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When the pandemic began we all became witnesses to a world outside of our windows. And nothing was ever the same again. “The Witnesses” is a collaboration between filmmaker Matt Ogens and Invisible Collective, a creative collective dedicated to making diverse and unique voices heard, founded by Justin Polk. For this timely project, Ogens asked people to share what spoke to them when they looked from their windows during quarantine.


Director: Matt Ogens
Producers: Joshua Roth, Einar Thorsteinsson
EPs: Justin Polk, Michael Raimondi, Luke Ricci, Nat Mundel
Editor: Einar Thorsteinsson
Composer: Greg Kuehn
Supporting Companies: Forager, Invisible Collective, Union Editorial, Bullitt, Voyage Media
Contributors: Chandra Anderson, Ellie Ann Fenton, David Auerbach, Marie-Helene Boyd, Anthony Charles, Jenni Charles, Anton Einarsson, Stefanie Flitman, Nate Irvin, Greg Kuehn, Justin Lee, Dave Miller, Danny Moder, Marissa Montgomery, Morgan Murphy, Nini Nicole, Andrew Porteous, Rich Roy, Sam Sanders, Logan Schneider, Einar Thorsteinsson, JR Simons, Xandy Smith, Ramona Snyder, Noel Sullivan, Janet Sussman, Andri Thor Birgisson, Imari Williams, Matthew Woolf, Timothy Zervos

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