A consistent challenger of the status quo, Anomaly has rallied against legacy thinking and structures since its inception. The ‘new-model’ company has successfully broken down traditional silos within the industry, established progressive business models, developed its own highly successful IP, and built a future-facing approach to diverse talent and skills. 

Anomaly now continues its commitment to being a change-agent with the launch of an expanded offering designed to help brands and businesses challenge stereotypes and bias in marketing and product innovation. 

Anomaly has consistently developed work that pushes for better representation in society – most notably its award-winning work for YouTube Music and Pride; the launch of a limited edition ‘Jane Walker’ whiskey on International Women’s Day to demonstrate Johnnie Walker’s commitment to the progress of gender equality; and its breakthrough ‘Keep Walking America’ campaign for Johnnie Walker – work that was the direct result of Anomaly breaking down ‘The Last Silo’ in marketing and expanding its core offering in the US to include Hispanic as well as general market capabilities. 

Referencing the George Bernard Shaw quote that is found in every Anomaly office across the world, reminding us that a spirit of ‘unreasonableness’ is an essential ingredient of making progress, Karina Wilsher (Partner and Global COO) said: 

"'Unreasonable Equals’ is focused on 3 things – pioneering marketing designed to change the gender narrative; forging entrepreneurial partnerships within female-focused innovation; and proving the power of a progressive and fluid talent model. We want to better ourselves, we want the industry to get better, and of course, society at large.” 

The team has already been hired by multiple blue chip companies and is working with UN Women in New York to evolve their industry-focused initiatives designed to end harmful stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising.

As part of its commitment, Anomaly is looking to establish new precedents and ways of working for its talent, reflected by the newly appointed team and their unique way of working. 

Tamsin Davies - whose previous roles include Head of New Business Models at The Nike Foundation, Head of Strategy Droga5 London and Head of Innovation at Fallon London; and Kirsty Saddler - most recently LEON Marketing Director and previously Head of Strategy at BBH London, will lead the offering as joint Global Strategy Directors. Davies and Saddler work together as a team, creating a new breed of part-time work – a ‘job pair’ instead of a job-share, ensuring a multiplier effect of their skills. They will also work in a wholly agile way, with flexibility on how, where and when they work. 

“We believe how we deliver is just as important as what we deliver – the how represents new precedents for women in the workplace. We want to ‘live’ the new model as much as possible,” said Tamsin Davies. 

“There’s a lot of debate around gender equality, but it’s inspiring to see a progressive employer taking some action. I couldn’t be more onboard.” added Kirsty Saddler. 

About Anomaly
Founded in 2004, Anomaly is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at 'new model' agency. Driven by a passionate and entrepreneurial culture encompassing a diverse, elastic set of skills - Anomaly has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai. Clients include: Ally Financial, Anheuser- Busch InBev, Cancer Research UK, Carnival Cruises, The Coca-Cola Company, Diageo, Electrolux, Facebook, Google, Hershey's, Huawei, IKEA, LEGO, MINI China, New York Life, Panera Bread, Rimowa, Sally Hansen, Sonos, T-Mobile, Unilever, Virgin Trains, Weight Watchers, William Hill and YouTube. 

Anomaly has been recognized for a very wide range of work and IP, covering both effectiveness and craft excellence including: Ad Age's 2017 Agency of the Year, Cannes Lions, Effies, Fast Company's Most Innovative, Jay Chiat, Digiday Awards and the Mashies - among the usual suspects. Anomaly has also been honored with a few less conventional accolades as well, such as being named one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2016 for dosist (a medicinal cannabis brand the agency created), Toy of The Year for Mighty Jaxx, plus two Emmys for a television series called Avec Eric, all of which the agency created and co-owns.