Stephen Arnold Music, the World Leader in Sonic Branding™, continued to expand its media content offerings in 2015. The company saw its aural insights sought by top corporations, national and global networks for news, sports and entertainment, and highly innovative live attractions.   

“Sonic branding today is integral to hundreds of millions – if not billions -- of impressions,” says Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. “People actively share content that they’re engaged with. We guide brands on how to best leverage each view: A memorable sound is key to a successful emotional connection.”

Notable projects of 2015 include:

MeTV - Network Theme Song “That’s Memorable, That’s Me"
MeTV, which stands as America’s #1 All Classic Television Network, marked its fifth anniversary as a national network this December with a new branding campaign. Stephen Arnold Music created the irresistible theme song – an addictive, modern spin on classic swing -- central to MeTV’s “That’s Memorable, That’s Me” promos, helping make them unforgettable.

CNBC - Shark Tank Nation “Bigger Than Ever" 
Stephen Arnold Music created energetic, upbeat and totally catchy original music and lyrics to promote “Shark Tank” television programming on CNBC. A band of live players laid down the funky rhythm section and brass to accompany vocals anchored around the "Shark Tank Nation” lyric refrain.

CNN State of the Union
This custom music package was produced for the re-launch of CNN’s “State Of The Union," which features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy with new host Jake Tapper.  Stephen Arnold Music instilled the package with a bold, confident, uptempo sound via a modern blend of orchestration, percussion, and guitars.  This comprehensive package includes a variety of themes and elements for opens, IDs, teases, bumpers and promos.

Decades Television Network and “Through the Decades”
The launch of the Decades Television Network and its flagship show, “Through the Decades,” was ushered in with an extensive custom sonic brand and music package by Stephen Arnold Music. A new network where entertainment and history come together, Decades stands out thanks to a distinctive four-note sonic logo, which is featured in a wide variety of style and themes including Dramatic, Energetic/Modern, Pop/Dubstep, and Inspired piano-driven pieces.

2015 Pan American Games on ESPN Deportes
A customized dramatic piece from Stephen Arnold’s “Anti-Library,” The Vault was chosen to promote the 2015 Pan American Games on ESPN Deportes. The intense drama leading up to athletic competition is captured perfectly in this stirring, inspirational orchestral cut.

CCTV Matchpoint
China Central Television International (CCTV) is part of a global broadcasting force that reaches more than one billion people. The network entrusted the sound of the rebranding for their five international channels to Stephen Arnold Music (, which created a range of compelling new themes for CCTV English, French (African), Spanish, Russian and Arabic. The latest expansion of their sonic brand is a custom theme for CCTV International sports programming, Matchpoint, featuring a distinctively driving world music sound.

Philly From The Top
The City of Philadelphia takes tourism and civic pride to new heights – literally – with Philly from the Top. From the ground floor to the 57-story elevator ride to the apex of One Liberty Observation Deck, sound plays a key role in this celebration of Philadelphia’s past and present culture. Stephen Arnold Music was entrusted with creating all of the sound and music for each area of the attraction, including three state-of-the-art audio zones that narrate the monumental moments in Philly pop culture, music, and sports.

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About Stephen Arnold Music
Sometimes referred to as “the most-heard and least-known composer in America,” Stephen Arnold Music (SAM) has created the musical signatures for some of the world's best-known media and consumer brands.  Founded in 1993, SAM is a full-service, internationally acclaimed music production company and sonic branding agency with headquarters near Dallas, Texas, and studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico, SAM is widely regarded as the world leader in sonic branding, with compositions heard daily in more than 500 million households worldwide. For more information, visit