Responding to the changing needs of today’s animation studios and the increasingly global nature of content creation, 3Beep, a provider of global animation voicing services, has launched. Based in New York City, the company is an innovative new resource that brings expert creative services and media management to animated productions worldwide.

Founded by a highly experienced team of producers, writers, directors and voiceover professionals, 3Beep brings technical quality and creativity to the international world of animation. 3Beep works with foreign animated projects to enhance the programming, as well as “Americanizing” them for maximum impact in the US market.

Led by animation and post production industry veterans Charles Darby, Tim Werenko, Theresa Buchheister and Tom Wayland, 3Beep’s creative services go deeper than traditional dubbing. The 3Beep team collaborates on script adaption, voice over casting, celebrity casting, direction, music and song composition, recording, sound mixing, deliverables and more.

Additionally, 3Beep’s Media Management team is proficient at preparing media for localization across all global markets. 3Beep works with a small circle of approved foreign vendors that share its collaborative vision for standout voicing, as well as closed captions and subtitles.

“Many facilities can translate and dub a show into English, but 3Beep goes far beyond that,” Darby says.  “Our focus is on adding the intangibles that can make or break a show: We have a team of staff writers, producers, and directors -- plus NYC’s extremely talented voice acting pool -- that bring their unique talents and creative energy to each project.”

The company’s innovations have helped it to quickly build a strong portfolio, with nearly 500 TV episodes and seven feature films already completed or currently in production. 3Beep’s clients include Netflix, Rainbow, DQ, Wizart, Panama Grand Prix, Animagrad, ROI Visual, O Plus Media, Ori Animation, Shout Factory, HuHu Studios, Foundland Pictures, Melnitsa and Mirsand.

Prior to launching 3Beep, Darby was Chief Operating Officer (COO) for 13 years at DuArt Film and Video, which stands among the world’s longest-running production/post production facilities. His film and TV production credits include PBS, Turner Films (TNT), Nickelodeon, Woody Allen, Miramax, Warner Brothers, Columbia/Tri-Star, and New Line Cinema.

Werenko is a long-time producer/writer/director of animation whose credits include producing for “Pokémon,” “The Winx Club,” “World of Winx,” “Robocar Poli,” “Alisa Knows What to Do,” “Snow Queen 3,” “Nicky Tanner,” “Pixi Post,” and many more.

Buchheister comes to 3Beep with a resume that includes directing voice talent for such shows as “Pokémon,” “The Winx Club,” “Alisa,” “Pooches,” “Moonzy,” “Robocar Poli,” and the most recent Pokémon film, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. She is also an award-winning director of over 1000 audiobooks.

Rounding out the key creative staff is director/producer/dubbing supervisor/VO talent Tom Wayland, whose resume includes working at such noteworthy facilities as DuArt Film & Video, NYAV Post, Real Recording, Matlin Recording, Beatstreet Studios, Audioworks Producers Group, Central Park Media and 4Kids Entertainment.

According to Werenko, animation studios today, both big and small, have a heightened awareness about how their content plays to a global audience. 3Beep’s service offerings are designed to maximize exposure and profits for animated productions in a highly competitive international marketplace.

“Thanks to online and streaming distribution services, today’s audience for animation is truly worldwide,” Werenko says. “That means not just dubbing the VO in a foreign language, but making sure that the work resonates culturally via script adaption, voiceover casting and direction, music and song composition, audio post and sound mixing, and more. Creating great content is incredibly challenging – 3Beep excels at making animation an impactful experience for viewers everywhere.”

About 3Beep
3Beep is a provider of global animation voicing services. Founded in New York City by Tim Werenko and Charles Darby, 3Beep is dedicated to creatively enhancing client projects. Services include collaborating on script adaption, voice casting, celebrity casting, direction, music and song composition. The company also handles SAG contractual issues related to celebrity casting, other foreign language dubbing needs, and all required deliverables. 3Beep’s client portfolio includes Netflix, Rainbow, DQ, Wizart, Panama Grand Prix, Animagrad, ROI Visual, O Plus Media, Ori Animation, Shout Factory, HuHu Studios, Foundland Pictures, Melnitsa, Mirsand and more.

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