Renowned Los Angeles sound studio 424 Post and leading global post-production studio Harbor have entered into a groundbreaking collaboration with the launch of Culver Post, a full-service post-production studio with future-centric 4K theatrical HDR mastering capabilities. The strategic partnership, announced by 424 Post VP of Operations Richard Burnette and Harbor CEO Zak Tucker combines the two companies’ decades of industry expertise and unparalleled talent across picture and sound post-production for cinema, streaming, broadcast and advertising.

Culver Post offers five stages for theatrical color grading and sound mixing. According to Harbor Color Scientist Matthew Tomlinson, one stage features a 34-foot, 8K Samsung IWA LED cinema display and a Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex cinema sound system with Dolby Atmos for mastering projects in 4K HDR in a theatrical setting. Able to accommodate more than 50 people, the stage provides a true cinema-style environment for HDR or SDR color grading and immersive sound mixing.

A second theater, also with seating for 50-plus, features a DCI certified 4K Samsung Onyx LED display and a Meyer Sound Ultra Reflex cinema sound system with Dolby Atmos. Both LED displays are ideal for HDR color grading and mastering as they far exceed standard digital cinema projection systems for detail, contrast and brightness. The IWA display peaks at 1000 nits, while the Onyx display peaks at 300 nits. Both stages are supported by Sony X310 HDR reference displays. The facility’s three other stages feature Christie 4K CP4420-XE cinema projection systems and Dolby Atmos sound.

“Samsung is committed to using innovative display technology to revolutionize the way that content is both created and consumed,” said David Phelps, Head of the Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “The new Culver Post post-production studio marks a tangible milestone in the future of cinema and post-production. Filmmakers and creators can now edit and experience video content as it would be seen and heard on the Big Screen to enable immersive storytelling that leaves a lasting impact on audiences.”

Culver Post’s LED stages are designed to support emerging demand for HDR cinema and streaming content while providing a true cinematic working environment for directors, cinematographers, editors, colorists and other professionals. “The size of the displays and the theaters themselves greatly enhance the color grading and review experience,” says Burnette. “The entire production and post-production team can be part of the process and watch the same image. It turns mastering into a communal creative experience.”

Culver Post is integrated into the existing network of 424 Post Hollywood stages and Harbor’s studios across New York, Santa Monica, Chicago, Atlanta, London, enabling multi-geography and cross-discipline collaboration, granting clients total creative control.

“Harbor was established to put filmmakers and their craft collaborators in the driver’s seat, where artistry is signature, client service is boutique, and infrastructure is enterprise,” states Zak Tucker, Founder & CEO of Harbor. “Harbor’s footprint extends from London, to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Santa Monica, Hollywood and now Culver City. Our focus across these major production centers is to cultivate a community of premium artistry. This dedication is driven by our commitment to deliver top-tier craft whilst maintaining a meticulous approach to client service. This partnership with 424 Post positions us to expand our post-production offering and reach in Los Angeles where our clients need us.”

Burnette adds that 424 Post and Harbor share a common commitment to delivering unparalleled creative experiences. “Our dedication to curating teams of premium talent, all while maintaining an intimate boutique atmosphere, has enabled us to foster an environment that empowers filmmakers,” he observes. “This exciting collaboration unites two industry leaders under one roof, creating a powerhouse of creative sound and picture services. After successfully transforming our post-production studios into sought-after creative hubs at our existing locations, we're thrilled to unite at Culver Post. We eagerly anticipate the incredible possibilities this partnership holds and the remarkable projects that will emerge from this collaboration."

About 424 Post
424 Post offers complete sound packaging for all types of content including theatrical, broadcast, streaming, commercials, and audio podcasts. Packages cover design/edit/ADR/mix, technical & administrative support, as well as all final deliverables. We pride ourselves on client services, and our talented group of experienced professionals is ready to tailor your project in accordance with your needs and budget.

HARBOR is a global company with operations in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Relentlessly focused on talent, technical innovation, and protection of artistic vision, HARBOR hones every detail throughout the moving image-making process: live-action, dailies, creative & offline editorial, design, visual effects, CG, sound & picture finishing.