Award-winning commercial director Paul Goldman has signed with the Directors Network, the premier talent agency for freelance directors, director/DPs and cinematographers.  

This marks a second milestone in quick succession for Goldman, who has just returned from helming the latest Volkswagen campaign now airing in Asia. The six-day shoot, which spanned across China and Taiwan, produced three spots to advertise new consumer technology available on the Asian continent. (Watch the first spot here.)

Since cutting his teeth as a Creative Director at Deutsch New York, Goldman has amassed an extensive catalog of work, with his stable of commercial clients featuring the likes of Fiat, Kraft, Toyota, AT&T, GE, PepsiCo, and Ford, amongst many national and international brands.

The advertising landscape is not the same today as it was when Goldman started out. “Our role as storytellers has evolved. We’re obligated to ensure that every single frame we shoot translates to all forms of media,” Goldman says. So, he keeps his eyes peeled when rolling for GIF-able moments and squared-off shots that will fit seamlessly into the social media landscape.

The China Volkswagen project is far from the first of its kind for Goldman, who has been behind the camera for over twenty years. He first entered the international market with Cannes-winning films for the U.K for Volkswagen and Kraft. Since then, he has directed for markets as diverse as Australia, New Zealand, France, China, Spain, Italy, Russia and Latin America.

Working through a translator can be daunting, but Goldman finds, “it’s better for the entire production when I work with a fully local crew.” He explains, “it build trust and collaboration with the team. Of course more [of the budget] can be applied to the production, so producers like it. Plus, it’s fun for me to work without a net. Over time, I’ve amassed exceptional crews all around the globe – art directors, DPs, wardrobe, everyone. So when a US job has to shoot overseas, I’ve got a team ready to go.”

Despite his global reputation, Goldman says he didn’t consider signing with a large company at this point in his career. “I’ve been with really big companies and boutiques, and I’m grateful for all those relationships. When I was looking this time, [Jeff and the Directors Network] was the most obvious choice. The future of our business is about adaptation, where the role of a director is more involved throughout the process. The most important thing is still the film, and in order to achieve the best film, efficiencies have to be created at every turn. Being independent affords me these possibilities.”

“I was thrilled when Paul approached me about TDN and honored when he signed. I’ve been a huge fan of his work without even knowing it. The Capital One caveman ‘what’s in your wallet’ campaign has always been a favorite of mine,” said Jeff Lewis, President of The Director’s Network. “We are excited to have him on our roster; a well-rounded director of the highest caliber.”

“I’ve never been a flavor of the month,” Goldman adds, “and I’ve never been a ‘specialist’ in any particular genre. While in the short term that can get a little frustrating—losing out on a given project or whatever, but I approach each script on its own; what’s the best thing for the story? And that philosophy has, over the long run sustained a pretty good career."

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