AdShare, the leading monetization service for music, film, television and sports rights holders has measured its Hawk content identification technology to be 97.4 percent accurate during a September 2016 test on the world’s largest social media video service. The company periodically tests for real world effectiveness by comparing Hawk’s digital fingerprint identification determinations in large samples of tens of thousands of videos against those of a large team of trained humans. For comparison, other notable tracking and monetization services were rated at around 60 percent effectiveness. AdShare has recovered millions of dollars for its clients since the company’s 2007 inception.

Leaving Money Behind
“Our internal tests consistently show around a 30 percent increase in recovered revenues above the industry average,” says Peterson. “If artists and content owners don’t hire a third party company, they are likely leaving substantial amounts of money on the table. In outlier situations we’ve seen revenue double or more.”

The AdShare Advantage
AdShare’s proprietary HAWK platform delivers superior results, and also offers clients such features like their proprietary “data cleanup process.” The process can provide up to 43 percent more revenue through more accurate matching of advertising revenues on third party platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion and SoundCloud with client owned assets. “It’s a matter of dedication,” says Peterson. “We’re dedicated to the task of maximizing revenue return to our clients. Most companies don’t have the software, expertise or human resources to achieve this kind of effectiveness. Some actually let money sit in limbo and it never gets paid out. AdShare has a large and experienced accounting and analytics team working with proprietary software 24/7 in our 17 offices around the globe. The effectiveness percentage reported by our internal audits may be a surprise to many, but not to us.”

About AdShare
Over 250 major media clients trust AdShare to manage more than three million of their copyrights on the world’s largest social media platforms. Nearly 800 million people from around the world engage with content represented by AdShare every month. AdShare is an autonomous subsidiary of GoDigital Media Group (GDMG), a media and technology holding company engaged in in intellectual property rights management and distribution through its operating subsidiaries. GDMG subsidiaries include digital supply chain software provider ContentBridge, Grammy winning record label Cinq Music, #3 multi-platform network VidaPrimo, movie distributors GoDigital and Distribber, as well as Tunnel Post.

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