How do you convey the future of health care while keeping your story grounded in the present? That was the challenge the directors, designers, editors and effects artists at Aggressive ( faced when they were awarded a five-spot ad campaign for Florida Hospital that brings to life a new initiative under the heading “Someday Starts Today.” 

Created by Brown Parker & DeMarinis (BPD), a healthcare marketing agency with offices in Boca Raton and Newport Beach, CA, the “Someday Starts Today” campaign focuses on four areas of Florida Hospital’s Care Network: Children’s, Women’s, Cancer and Cardiac Health. A fifth spot wraps up elements of all four specialties into a single anthem ad.

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Each spot opens with lifestyle scene such as a child playing, an older man doing a strenuous workout or a pregnant woman getting a sonogram. A voiceover points out that, in each instance, someday people will be able to utilize cutting-edge technologies and techniques to access diagnoses and treatments in a variety of ways, helping them live longer, happier, healthier lives.  

These new data-rich advancements are depicted through a densely-layered combination of design and VFX elements, including computer animation, motion graphics and holographic user interfaces, used to support each spot’s underlying cinematic live action narrative. In addition, the capabilities of this network are connected to viewers by the use of dynamic split-screens, showing patients on one side and providers and practitioners on the other, reacting to each other in real time.  

Each spot ends with the announcer saying, “Florida Hospital’s Care Network is changing the future of healthcare. We believe in the power of someday.” A web address appears on screen,, which takes you to the Care Network web site, where users can learn about its’ full range of capabilities and services.  

“Florida Hospital gave us the opportunity to communicate their exciting healthcare innovations for the future, and together we’ve created a campaign that gives a hint of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of us someday, many of which Florida Hospital has already started to turn into reality,” explains BPD’s Vince DeMarinis, Partner/Chief Creative Officer. “From this came the ‘Someday Starts Today’ campaign. We found a great partnership with Aggressive. Their work had the perfect mix of beautiful cinematography and the technical skill to create high-end CGI and effects, giving us a glimpse into the future. They’re great to work with and we appreciate their drive for perfection, which made this campaign successful.”  

Adds Ward Parker, Partner/Chief Creative Officer of BPD, “Aggressive’s team did more than just shoot and edit beautiful footage. Their stunning design work – including out-of-this-world holographic graphics – took the work to an entirely new level. These ads truly raised the bar for our agency. Every time I look at them I have to hold my jaw to keep it from dropping.”  

“I was inspired when Toni Saarinen of Saarinen & Pico introduced me to Aggressive’s work,” says BPD Executive Producer Ilene Kramer. “I knew they’d deliver the perfect blend of cinematic photography and futuristic VFX to bring our vision for the campaign to life. Working with Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro exceeded my expectations throughout every phase of production. Their attention to detail and design, both on set and in post production, streamlined the process and elevated the campaign to another level.”  

“Florida Hospital gave us the opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the healthcare space, and Aggressive pulled out all the stops to bring that to life,” says Pam Powers, Sr. Account Manager at BPD, summing up the agency’s response to work. “Dan and Alex never stopped pushing to make this the best it could possibly be; it has been one of my favorite TV campaigns to produce, as it continued to build from a foundation of excellent footage into the piece it is today.”  Describing the challenge the campaign presented, Topaller, who shares the Co-Creative Director title with Shapiro, says it went beyond just carefully balancing the mix of visual elements in each spot. “It was a little bit of everything, from crafting a believable ‘near-future’ to ensuring that, despite the high-tech data and holographic imagery, the scenes came across as organic and natural. These are glimpses into the everyday moments of these people. So choreographing the actions of the talent interacting with the VFX was critical, along with devising conceptual split-screen scenes that are motivated in part by the technology itself.”  

“One of the things we like the most about this campaign, as Ward points out, is that it takes a category that feels very familiar – healthcare advertising – and recasts it in a more contemporary visual style,” notes Shapiro. “And to do that, we referenced quite a wide range of material, from our own work for Bloomberg LP, which is what the agency was looking for, to almost everything that exists right now in the realm of UI. We wanted a look that was futuristic yet plausible, while keeping in mind the tight post production schedule we were working with.”  

“Someday Starts Today” Campaign Credits 

Client: Florida Hospital 

Agency: Brown Parker DeMarinis

Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Vince DeMarinis
Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Ward Parker
CEO/Chief Strategy Officer: Jason Brown
Associate Creative Director: Jeff Goldman
Senior Art Director: Marie Amalie Laval
Senior Account Manager: Pam Powers
Senior Project Manager: Kaylee Flynn
Executive Producer: Ilene Kramer

Directed by: Aggressive

Production & VFX: Aggressive

Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producer: Robert Berman
DP: Eli Born
Editor: Erik Auli
Production Designer: Geoff Flint
Art Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Design: Alex Mikhaylov, Denis Khramov
Pitching Designer: Rodier Kidmann
3d Animation: Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Dmitriy Paukov, Evgeniya Zhukova
2d Animation: Alex Frukta, Vladimir Tomin
Rendering: Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov, Dmitry Kulikov, Artur Zhamaletdinov, Roman Senko
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall

Colorist: Alex Bickel / ColorCollective

Sound Designer: Wesley Slover