Projection mapping, LED-driven visuals and elements of Augmented Reality and Extended Reality are integral parts of the toolbox of Aggressive (, the New York production and design studio. So it’s no surprise that when Amazon and Embassy Row approached the studio to design the set and show package for their “Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys” series – which takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes exploration of its hit action-comedy “The Boys” – the company built on its experience and spearheaded a technique that unified the look of the entire project while eliminating the need for complex green screen shooting and months of intense post-production. At the same time, this process dramatically reduced the number of crew required to be present on set. 

Aggressive has dubbed this technique Realtime SetMapping, and is ready to roll it out on a broad scale to clients across the spectrum of broadcast promotion, branded content and advertising. 

For “Inside The Boys,” which comprises nine 30-minute episodes hosted by TV personality Aisha Tyler, Aggressive created a show open and accompanying branding. To execute the package, they created an immersive virtual CG set where Tyler could dish on the series, do cast member interviews and provide fans with additional show-related content. Displayed on an array of connected 4K LED panels, this CG-environment tracked camera positions, allowing them to move freely in any direction while the backdrop shifted and changed perspectives correctly for each corresponding camera angle, in real time. 

AR and XR content was then layered on top of the footage being captured on the virtual set, with all the elements recorded simultaneously. To view a BTS video illustrating how the technique works, click here.  

“Our Realtime SetMapping technique allowed multiple cameras to move freely through the space for each of the episodes, capturing the host interacting with guests in a dynamic, believable and authentic way,” explains Aggressive Executive Creative Director Alex Topaller. 

“The virtual set enabled custom depth-of-field and dynamic lighting effects driven by the LED tiles, real-time video guest appearances, as well as a slew of in-show animations and Easter eggs that we were able to trigger on cue,” adds Executive Creative Director Dan Shapiro. “With all the visuals being rendered in real-time, last minute adjustments to art direction, virtual propping, virtual set dressing and lighting were done smoothly, easily and efficiently on the shoot day. This allowed us to deliver the final results in camera, which in turn led to minimal post production.” 

“Blending cutting edge Realtime SetMapping with smart visual design, we shaped the look of the show and transformed it into a novel live execution that pushed the boundaries of the medium and elevated the concept of the entire season,” notes Topaller. 

For more information on Aggressive (, contact Daniel Shapiro at 201-389-3912 or at They’re represented by Blah Blah Blah on the East Coast and the Midwest, Free Agents on the West Coast and Go East in Europe and Asia.