AICE has just extended the deadline for entering the 2016 AICE Awards. The new final entry deadline is Tuesday, February 16, 2016; no extensions will be granted after this date. Entries must be uploaded to the AICE Awards portal by 11:59 PM PST in order to be eligible for the international post production trade association’s annual competition for creative and craft excellence. Winners will be presented at the 15th annual Awards presentation, to be held at Navy Pier in Chicago on May 12.

For work to qualify for the 2016 AICE Awards, it must have first appeared on some form of paid media between February 2, 2015 and February 7, 2016. Commercials that will air on Super Bowl 50 will be eligible.  For full details on the awards competition and to enter work, visit the AICE Awards portal at

The 2016 AICE Awards comprises 23 categories, including product categories such as automotive and fashion and beauty; technique categories such as comedy, dialogue or docu-style; and genre categories such as music video. It also includes separate craft categories for original music composition, audio mixing, sound design, color grading, graphic design and visual effects, and recognizes the best work emanating from its local chapters with Best of Chapter awards. Each awards presentation culminates with a Best of Show winner. The 2016 awards show will also recognize the first International Grand Prize winners in its Camp Kuleshov trailer competition for assistants.

For more information on AICE and the AICE Awards, please visit