In the latest music video cut by Union’s Eric Argiro, recording artists ZAYN and Zhavia Ward perform a duet of “A Whole New World,” for the end title track of Disney’s live action ‘Aladdin.’ The video, which surpassed 23 million YouTube views in the days following its May 9 debut, updates the classic song and features a change in setting, from Agrabah to Manhattan.

The project reunites Argiro with director Philip Andelman, with whom he has collaborated on numerous endeavors, from commercials to a special project for the jam band Phish. Argiro first met Andelman when the latter was directing a Gillette/Venus razor spot via Grey/Townhouse. Argiro cut that commercial, and since that time has worked with the director on several ad campaigns, including Just For Men (via Combe/Amp) and New Balance (via Ace Content).

'Aladdin' opens May 24.  

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