ALIBI Music has dropped a new album sure to fulfill any project’s need for speed. “Driving Electro Rap” features full lyrical rap vocals and hard-edged electronic instrumentation, from frantic drum, bass and jump-up to half-time dubstep beats, straight-up trap bangers and dark hip-hop grooves. With 14 tracks (plus stems and alt versions for greater versatility), this music is ideal for high-octane sporting events or aggressive showdowns, esports and gaming, edgy action-adventures, video games and more. Listen here:

LA producer/writer Phantom Family is behind much of the new album, his love for caffeine and fast cars coming through the frenetic tracks.

“When I get up to go to the studio at 4:30 a.m. each day, there is usually no one on the abnormally long on-ramp to the 134 near my house, so when the light turns green, I push the throttle all the way down and hold it there,” he explains. “Coincidentally, I also have an espresso machine at home, which I keep stocked with super-strong coffee beans that my friend roasts (shout out Mike and Prizm coffee!), and I always take a double shot of that before I get in the car. It usually starts to kick in right about the time I hit the on-ramp. I didn't plan it that way; it just works out... Anyway, I wanted this album to sound like how that all feels.”

When asked about his favorite track on the “Driving Electro Rap” album, Phantom Family pointed to We Run it up, for which he tapped Mike Goode as vocalist.

“Mike is always in complete character. He lives in that character… a true artist.  I'm lucky as a composer to know him. His vocals have sold some of my biggest syncs to date,” he said, before mentioning Crash Out, a collaboration with rapper C4. “I also love that track. C4 is crazy. He's from New York originally but he's out here in LA crushing it.”