ALIBI Music has dropped a new album of professionally composed sound effects (SFX) crafted for use by trailer editors, video game developers and sound designers, among others. Titled Stylized UI, this release is a multipurpose toolkit containing 285 different SFX across 10 categories ideal for any kind of modern-day or futuristic user interface (UI) sound, from electronic handheld devices and computers to complex machines and sci-fi spacecraft. Check it out HERE.

Stylized UI features the work of ALIBI’s longtime partner composer Jeff Dodson and his team, who designed the SFX to be particularly beneficial in boosting the quality of any user interface motion. As an example, the trailer editor cutting a pivotal sci-fi interaction with a hologram can sweeten and make that moment really powerful. Or, for the game developer, this album release is ideal for any title with UI needs, from confirmation to syncing sound for a menu opening and closing. 

To create these contemporary user interface sounds, Dodson composed the Stylized UI album almost entirely digitally. The process incorporated a number of classic tools like vocoders and granular processing to split the audio into slivers called grains that can be manipulated in various ways, in how SFX can be layered into each other or how each grain can be processed independently.

“These types of releases are exceptionally fun because it's a sandbox for us as designers to just make weird and abstract sounds as we try to cover the many ideas in our heads about what a UI might be. So, they're classic droid-style bleeps, bloops and lasers, but also some very high-concept modern SFX that we imagine the UI of the future would sound like,” Dodson explained.  “Having that freedom and ability to play in these sandboxes was our favorite part of the release.”

“Jeff is an exceptionally talented sound designer and has done an incredible job creating this collection for our catalog,” ALIBI’s VP Production Sam Wale said. “I can see Stylized UI being extremely useful to app and game developers, as well as editors and sound designers for film, TV and trailers.”

ALIBI’s sound effects have been used in nearly every major theatrical trailer campaign, as well as numerous game trailers, since the company launched in 2011.