ALIBI Music Library has announced the release of “Sorcery,” the newest album in its recently launched ATX catalog for high-end theatrical trailers and TV series. From epic magical quests and enchanted journeys to fantastic family adventures and whimsical mysteries, “Sorcery” is a stunning collection of orchestral trailer cues that embody the unique sensibilities of such films, creating an instant emotional link among viewers. Sample the new album HERE.

ATX’s “Sorcery,” which features 10 tracks along with numerous stems and alternative mixes, was composed by long-time ALIBI partner René Osmanczyk of DosComp, who endeavored to write a family-friendly, adventure-steeped album inspired by the soundtracks to “Avatar” and the Harry Potter franchise.

“I wanted great melodies that take you on a musical journey through each track, plus the classical trailer build that every cue has,” Osmanczyk explained. “I started composing this album in June, a process that took a bit longer since it was written for full orchestra.”

Added ALIBI Vice President, Creative Production Sam Wale: “What René ultimately delivered was quite breathtaking and will provide trailer editors with some pretty amazing options. I would describe ‘Sorcery’ as majestic and magical, epic and emotional, haunting and heartwarming.”

ALIBI’s music and sound design has helped to promote such notable projects as blockbuster Tarantino film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” and hit series “American Horror Story,” among thousands of others.

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