Kicking off a summer of Pride celebrations and programming, ALIBI Music announces the release of “Catwalk Beats 2.” The album – a super-sized serving of runway sass and celebration – features 14 cool, confident and sexy tracks (plus stems, mixes & alt versions) crafted for easy onscreen syncing. Listen to it HERE.

The ultimate second helping, “Catwalk Beats 2” answers the call for “more, please” created with ALIBI’s first album in the series. Driving dance and house drums, bold bass lines and vocal phrases with attitude create a memorable, impactful sound. Every track features plenty of drops, stops and fills to serve as edit points. This production music is perfectly suited to sassy comedies, high-fashion branding, social media spots and drag-tastic pop culture videos.

Still hungry? ALIBI has also created a new playlist of specially curated, Pride-minded tracks. “Ready for Pride” is filled with joyful house cuts, electro pop anthems, uplifting hip hop & electro Latin tracks, plus lyrical songs to help celebrate being free, out and proud! Listen to it HERE.

ALIBI’s production music has been used to promote original series like HBO’s A Black Lady Sketch Show and CBS original So Help Me Todd, feature films like Universal Pictures’ The Super Mario Bros. Movie and 20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of Water, and blockbuster games like Marvel Snap and Call of Duty (BlackCell), among numerous other high-profile projects.