Production house Retriever announced the launch of a new international integrated campaign on behalf of Seresto, aimed at offering a hassle-free solution to the age-old problem of flea and tick protection. 

The campaign, developed in collaboration with creative agency Organic, consists of live action production of video and still photography content for both the feline and canine product lines, each reframing the flea collar as an enabler of untethered freedom, not a method of restraint. To achieve a carefree ethos, Organic developed a creative concept requiring executional expertise in working with pets, leading them to Retriever to bring the campaign to life. 

“The campaign needed to convey a sense of naturalness and ease in juxtaposition with some tricky pet talent scenarios, like placing a dog in a sidecar or directing a cat climbing in a tree,” said producer Dominic Chiodi at Organic. “We also needed settings that could be readily understood as authentic in nearly any part of Europe and other international markets.”

Retriever co-owner and director Jon Michael Ryan and photographer Grace Chon spearheaded a fully integrated, three-day shoot in the picturesque English countryside. Careful casting ensured that the animals exhibited natural chemistry with human talent on camera. Prior to the shoot, the human actors met with the animals for a “sniff-and-greet,” fostering a rapport that translated seamlessly on screen. 

“Since Grace and I have worked together many times, that familiarity allowed us to anticipate each other’s needs with confidence,” said Ryan. “Outdoor shoots with animals are high-stakes - there are too many variables to be left to chance. Grace and I have complete trust in each other on set, which  helps ensure that we maximize time and budget to get the best possible outcome.”

The result is a charming campaign filled with heartwarming on-screen chemistry between actors and animals that can be deployed in practically any international market. The team produced a full-scope library of assets to be used in TV spots, social media, print, retail, and Out-Of-Home.

The campaign is now live in France, Italy, Poland, the UK and western Europe.

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