Just over 23 years ago, John Binder opened the doors of his sound design studio Another Country. As a key part of the Cutters Studios family of companies, Another Country has built a first-class reputation and earned its fair share of industry accolades, while organically growing at key times and expanding its roster of talents. In May, Binder and his fellow Another Country mixers David Gerbosi, Drew Weir and Erik Widmark were joined by post-audio veteran Peter Erazmus, and today marks the launch of Erazmus's new home at the studio: Sound 5.

According to Binder, the design of Sound 5 is based off of the first room he built at Another Country, with substantial additional input from Erazmus. "Our acoustician is Carl Yanchar of Yanchar Design & Consulting Group," Binder said. "His attention to detail is impeccable, so much so that we have used him exclusively for all of our studios."

"Another Country is by far the best facility of its kind in Chicago," Yanchar returned. "John Binder and his staff demand and do whatever is necessary to provide the very best environment for their clients, both technically and creatively."

Given the shared experiences of Yanchar and Binder, and all the engineering expertise and finesse that keeps Another Country at the top of the industry, the process of bringing Sound 5 to life was amazingly smooth. The primary goals were giving Erazmus a fully equipped, modern, comfortable studio with access to the shared server platform containing archives of every job the company has worked on over the past 15 years. "We never throw anything away - just an added bonus of bringing your work to Another Country," Binder explained.

"By tying into our main machine room, Sound 5 also provides access to any of our five vocal booths or multiple booths at once, as well as ISDN or any combination thereof," said Erazmus. "Using digital runs for both microphone, ISDN and headphone signals offers the cleanest path, keeps the noise floor low and essentially eliminates RF."

Sound 5 features the Pro Tools HDX2 system running the latest version 11 software; 64 channels of HD I/O; full Genelec 5.1 / 7.1 and stereo nearfield monitoring systems professionally tuned to the room; D-Command controller with Another Country-specific templates custom designed for maximum functionality; the latest plugins for dynamics, EQ, loudness measurement, sound design and instrumentation; a full suite of noise reduction and restoration tools; ISDN and source connect remote record interfaces; digital hybrid phone patch; and Skype connectivity.

Erazmus has been very busy mixing a variety of commercial projects for Another Country. His most recent credits include a series of high-profile ads for Courtyard Hotels via mcgarrybowen, and for McDonald's via Leo Burnett. "I feel incredibly fortunate to call this new space home," he added. "This room is a result of Another Country's longstanding dedication to quality. Offering the absolute highest quality and versatility, Sound 5 is production-focused, yet stylish and comfortable."

About Another Country
An industry leader in high-definition surround sound, Chicago-based Another Country's award-winning talents specialize in sound design and mixing for cinema, television, radio, gaming and online media. Each of the company's five 128-track Pro Tools HD suites is 5.1 to 7.1 capable, hosts all the latest and best plugins, and offers ISDN and Source Connect capabilities and unparalleled stock music and sound effects libraries.  Staff sound designers/mixers include John Binder, Peter Erazmus, David Gerbosi, Drew Weir and Erik Widmark, and the executive producer is Tim Konn. To learn more please visit http://anothercountry.net.