Ant Farm is a preeminent, creative advertising and marketing agency renowned for specializing in high profile entertainment and brand marketing campaigns. The company’s award winning pedigree and diverse range of clients extends into their theatrical division, Industry Creative, which was tasked with the design, creation and production of the logo for the film division of Amazon Studios.

“Designing the logo for such an important brand as Amazon Studios was an incredibly exciting opportunity for Ant Farm, as we are uniquely positioned to take on such large scale projects,” Ant Farm/Industry Creative CEO and Executive Creative Director Doug Brandt said.

Ant Farm and Industry Creative understood that this logo would be the audience’s first introduction to the world of Amazon Studios, and, accordingly, wanted to emphasize and capture the company, visually showing viewers not only where Amazon was headed, but where it had been.

“We pitched a very wide range of ideas to Amazon, from sculptural art to six-foot tall, stop-motion animation, but the idea of starting with the graphic of a book really spoke to us,” Brandt continued. “In this piece, we are visually referencing the origins of Amazon, and then showing how they are building a new film community around break-through filmmakers. The process took almost a year from the first meeting to the new logo’s release.”

For this project, Antenna Creative, a modern design boutique and an Ant Farm Company, designed a logo that started where Amazon began: a book. As viewers watch the book open, tens of thousands of individually animated pieces begin building a city before the audience’s eyes. City streets roll out like carpet, and buildings assemble like a pop-up book on steroids. The camera descends down into the city that has now gone from miniature to full size. The animation ends dramatically on the last building, which assembles into a movie theater. 

Antenna’s Creative Director, Lucas Christman, commented on this creative endeavor and the exploration that led to the finished product. “So much detail went into the decision making process for almost every aspect of this logo,” Christman said.

“For example, for the cover of the book, we experimented with – easily, twenty different types of leather and materials. We also heavily explored a wide variety of architecture, and designed at least twenty unique theaters, before ending up with our ‘hero theater.’ Even the surface on which the book lays was explored to great detail. There are thousands of keyframes. The 3D elements alone took one full week to render.”

This was a heavyweight job for a studio that would go on to have a heavyweight year. Amazon Studios created some of the most highly-acclaimed films of 2016 – including two-time Academy Award® winning Manchester By The Sea.

About Ant Farm
Ant Farm is a full-service agency specializing in entertainment marketing and content creation. By combining a collective of specialists including storytellers, architects and artists with large-scale production resources, Ant Farm is uniquely positioned to create, market and distribute content for its diverse client portfolio of major brands and top entertainment companies. With captivating and emotionally resonant content creation at the center, Ant Farm pushes the boundaries of technology, creativity, and innovation in order to deliver not just memorable advertisements but unforgettable experiences. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Ant Farm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Omnicom , an inter-connected global network of leading marketing communications companies, comprised of the best talent, creativity, and technology, serving some of the world’s most iconic and successful brands in a 24/7/365 world. See:

About Industry Creative
In January 2013, Industry Creative became a wholly owned subsidiary of Ant Farm and now serves as Ant Farm’s theatrical division. Industry Creative dedicates itself to conceptual, forward-thinking entertainment branding across all mediums. It has pioneered some of Hollywood’s most innovative campaigns in recent years from tent-pole blockbusters to independent film sensations.

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A motion design boutique, Antenna is an Ant Farm company – a leading, full-service entertainment and advertising agency which enjoys the backing of a large network of writers, editors, and other artists, as well as solid infrastructure including a state-of-the-art render farm, a full-time IT team, and the best location possible in Los Angeles. The team’s experience ranges from renowned work in the field of title sequence design, groundbreaking broadcast design packages, and pioneering motion picture marketing campaigns, to forward-thinking brand experiences on screens of any size and format.