Since opening in May 2018, ArtClass Content has expanded rapidly, delivering projects for Lincoln, ESPN, American Express, the U.S. Open, and Bustle. Now, in order to help facilitate future growth, the production company has hired executive producer Kate Aspell to lead operations in their New York City office.

Beginning her career as a sales representative, Kate worked with HSI, Maven Label and Hungry Man before making the transition to producing where she worked as a freelancer before spending time with The Mill and most recently, Company 3. This multifaceted experience has allowed Kate to manage projects through to post production, an added edge that mirrors ArtClass’s concept-to-delivery offering.

“Having Kate come on board to launch and lead the New York office is such a thrill,” says ArtClass co-founder Geno Imbriale. “Kate has the depth of experience to build upon the energy and momentum of ArtClass in New York, and [co-founder] Vincent Peone and I are beyond fortunate to be joining forces with her as we grow into this next phase together.”

In her new role, Kate will remain attentive to the process of production - not just the end result. “Making sure every client and vendor has a positive experience is my ultimate goal. Regardless of platform, scope or budget. ArtClass is going to work with you to deliver a polished product, maintaining creativity while also being cost-effective,” Kate says.

Kate will be providing the support and infrastructure for the creativity at ArtClass to thrive with support from east coast sales representative Jack Strachan of Say Hey.