With followers in the hundreds of thousands, millennial entrepreneurs Ernesto Gaita and Anthony Sorella are best known for dishing out tips to business builders via their hit podcast “Money Buys Happiness.” But this week, Sorella took to his insta to shower praise on Aryeh & Co. and its founder Aryeh Rephun, the go-to Midtown jeweler for movers, shakers, and lovers alike.

“Aryeh absolutely crushed the execution of it, so I just wanted to show him some love,” says Sorella in a post after receiving the finished pendant. “We had it originally all gold,” Sorella explains, adding that he had the idea of adding diamonds but wanted to be sure it was not too flashy. “Aryeh walked us through the whole process, the whole custom plan, he just absolutely killed it.” 

Sorrella and Gaita wear their MBH-branded jewelry in a recent episode of their show, proudly showing off the custom crafted diamond pendants. Each piece boasts 2+ Carats of Natural VS+ Quality White Diamonds set in Solid 14K Yellow Gold. In the episode, the boys are in Las Vegas to reunite with serial entrepreneur, gambler & 8-figure founder John Cerasani to chat about ditching corporate America, building a multi-million dollar company, selling for 8 figures, how to exit a business, and more.

Aryeh’s popularity beyond the Valentine’s Day set is nothing new: Last May, Benny the Butcher - a member of Buffalo's revered Griselda crew known for his vivid street narratives - rocked an actual measuring cup, encrusted with 1,000 diamonds, courtesy of Aryeh & Co. That pendant is prominently displayed in the official music video for THE WAREHOUSE, directed by Wayne Campbell. 

“Last month was all about romance,” Aryeh says, offering a nod to the many happy couples for whom he creates engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands, and other jewelry. Aryeh & Co. features several lines of product, including one-of-a-kind client collaborations (as he did with Sorella and Gaita). 

“In March, my clients have their eye on a rosy outcome for Q1, so my advice to them is simple: watch Money Buys Happiness.”