The need to work efficiently has never been more important. In an effort to empower agencies and clients, Asche & Spencer has developed an innovative technology that no other music production company has.

This vital upgrade to their online platform presents a faster way to search Asche & Spencer’s expansive online music collection, sync the music with video, and safely save the unpublished piece of media, privately. Free of server or cloud uploads, the exported clip is saved directly to the user’s private computer, allowing them to share it immediately with their teams, clients, and editors.

Given that today most of us are working in isolation on challenging projects with accelerated timelines, Asche & Spencer’s video sync technology is more relevant than ever. By giving clients 24/7 access to a body of music that is incredibly tailored to their needs across the entire process, Asche & Spencer are providing a real solution during a time of duress. And to show for it, they are busier now than ever before.

“We’re in a very unique position,” says Creative Director/Founder Thad Spencer. “Along with creating original compositions for our clients, we have this amazing collection of music that can be accessed 24/7. When a client finds something they like, we can make any changes they may need to that track in just a few hours. Our new video sync tool makes it fast and fluid for people working remotely to pair and share music for their visual of advertising.”

Asche & Spencer first launched their online search environment seven years ago, setting it apart from others with intuitive search tools using keyword and genre, designed specifically for those fluent in advertising-speak. All of the music in the collection is solely owned and distributed by Asche & Spencer and can be altered in any way to best fit the client’s needs.

A groundbreaking iteration of their search technology was launched in the fall of 2019 by giving clients the unprecedented ability to bring their video into the platform and allowing them to instantly sync their clip to any song in the collection. By eliminating all guesswork, the users could see immediately if a piece of music was working with their cut, download the track, and move towards mix.

The latest feature was developed to give clients the ability to safely save this unpublished video remotely. Eliminating privacy issues that arise from uploading or downloading files, the synced video is saved directly to the user’s desktop, and lives nowhere else on the web.

The upgrade further streamlines the process between agency, music house, and editor to source, sync, and deliver bespoke music for moving picture. Asche & Spencer put the needs of their clients at the forefront of this process and they have been raving about their experiences.

Stacy McClain, Director of Content Production & Junior Partner at San Francisco-based agency Camp + King, says, “We love working with Asche & Spencer. They've got one of the easiest search platforms to use and Matt and Thad are delightful to work with. I can't remember a time they couldn't make something work for us. Easy. Kind. Talented. A dreamy combination.”

Client Testimonials
“It's great to be able to chat creatively with Thad, one of the owners of the company. He is a great guy, musically brilliant, and wonderful to work with. His entire staff always treats me like I'm the only client they have.” - David Rucker, Broadcast Production, The Richards Group

“Having the breadth of really good music options at your fingertips is an invaluable resource. And their video sync tool is extremely helpful…dare I say it's a game-changer?” - Eron Broughton, Creative Director, Anomaly

"I love Asche & Spencer! They’re my go-to for finding music tracks. Their sync feature is super convenient when searching for multiple tracks at a time, as you can see multiple tracks against the picture right away without having to download anything. I also appreciate that they provide splits for their tracks so you can tailor their music to fit the spot. And they are always swift to respond. Overall, working with Asche & Spencer makes things so easy!" - Alyssa Oh, Editor, Rock Paper Scissors

"The Asche & Spencer website is so much more efficient than many of the other music house sites. The interface is simple and has everything you need in one place so you don’t have to jump around between laggy pages and players. It makes it quick and simple to search and navigate, which is exactly what we are looking for in our fast-paced workflows. The new video sync tool works perfectly to lay tracks against picture without jumping back and forth between your edit and the website. You can use hotkeys to quickly browse through songs and find what fits. They are also just great people who are always happy to help out.” - Derrick Monks, Editor, Rock Paper Scissors

“Specifically, my favorite times working with Asche & Spencer is when they are given the freedom to create, without an overly rigid brief already in place. Those guys are professionals, and it’s consistently a great surprise to see what they come back with when they are encouraged to work from their instincts. Working with Asche & Spencer and their tools is a seamless and easy experience. Thad Spencer and his team completely understand what needs to be done and how to make it happen quickly.” - Einar, Editor, Union Editorial

“Asche & Spencer are just the best! Thad and Matt are the most wonderful people. Not only super talented but also incredibly kind and helpful to people in the biz.” - Sarah Roebuck, Executive Producer, Final Cut Edit

“Working with Asche and Spencer is a dream. Nothing is too much trouble for them, they are great at turning around original music and are unrivaled at understanding musical briefs. They are also adept at adapting a track from their music library to fit to picture. The algorithms in their search engine also works really well, and help with narrowing down selections quickly.” - Alex Hagon, Editor, Whitehouse Post