Assimilate® today announced DIT Pack, a new product bundle that includes Assimilate’s advanced Scratch® dailies software and Live Looks® for live grading single and multi-cam set-ups. The DIT Pack is ideal for modern production workflows that require extensive previz on-set to increase creative control, and to streamline post workflows after the shoot. The DIT Pack enables a seamless workflow that combines advanced live grading with dailies transcoding, and via live-streaming pushes everything out to remote and studio clients, while capturing all camera metadata along the way that will be used in VFX/post pipelines.

Camera to Post Workflow - Capture All and Pass It On
The workflow starts with Live Looks for live grading content from any number of cameras in real time and even adding advanced effects like green-screen background replacement and texture effects. Each time when saving a grade, all the metadata, either input by the user or delivered via the live SDI signal from all cameras, will also be saved in the form of a readable text doc and an XML that is suited for further pipeline scripting in VFX/post. All grades and metadata are stored in an easy-to-approach folder structure that can simply be delivered to VFX/post.

Integrated Off-line Edit Workflow Through Dailies
In Scratch, all camera material is loaded, and the looks and metadata are matched and merged from the Live Looks folder structure, along with automated syncing of audio. All these tasks are automated and require almost no user interaction. Scratch will output in many formats as required by VFX/post:

  • Off-line DNX or Apple ProRes material, including all metadata for offline editing
  • High quality EXR VFX plates, including frame based lens information and camera metadata
  • Lightweight h264/h265 rushes for online review.

The flexibility of Scratch allows the user to either consolidate all look and metadata files into a folder per day, or copy the look and metadata next to each source media file, thereby easily linking in any other DI software. Producers and post supervisors receive an extensive clip report, listing all relevant production information, and assistant editors are provided with an ALE that contains all clip metadata, including dynamic CDL information, to use in the target NLE.

Extensive Remote Review and Streaming Capabilities Throughout the Entire Workflow
At the live grading stage, Live Looks provides a local web interface for clients on-or-near set to browse grades, before-and-after snapshots, and metadata via wifi during the shoot. At the same time, Live Looks allows streaming of all camera feeds through either an RTMP stream or via NDI® directly into Zoom, Skype,, or any other NDI® compatible software. At the dailies stage, Scratch separately outputs through RTMP and NDI for in-depth remote QC of all footage. After transcoding, Scratch allows for automatically publishing footage to the Assimilate Dailies Online web portal or the COPRA dailies platform via direct script integration.

Providing the highest level service on-set, while keeping remote clients connected and providing post with all footage, transcodes, grades and metadata have never been easier and more straight forward. Existing users of either Scratch or Live Looks can easily upgrade to the DIT Pack.

Pricing and Availability
Available immediately on macOS and Windows, Assimilate’s DIT Pack is available at $1399.00 (USD) for a permanent license, $799.00 (USD) annually, or $99.00 (USD) monthly.

Download at

About Assimilate
Assimilate develops and offers advanced tools for on-set and post-production workflows that deliver groundbreaking features, speed, performance, and flexibility for industry professionals. Live Assist is the multi-cam VTR tool for video assist, offering support for any number of cameras, any resolution, with easy green-screen comp and local clip server functionality. Live Looks is the optimum tool for live grading and direct-look creation with an instant connection to Assimilate’s Scratch, live streaming, and keying capabilities. Used by DITs and post artists worldwide, Scratch is known for its advanced post-production tools that offer stability, speed and metadata support for any camera format available, including 2D/3D/VR. Play Pro is the go-to solution as a professional player for VFX-reviews, ProRes RAW QC and genuine ProRes transcoding on Windows.

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