At NAB 2018, ASSIMILATE® is showcasing several new SCRATCH® VR 9.0 post-production workflows that are geared to enabling content creators with the highest quality and most efficient VR tools in simplified, one-stop-shopping, end-to-end 3D180 and VR360 production workflows.

New: SCRATCH VR 9.0 – A new, aggressive product update makes SCRATCH VR an even more efficient and easy-to-use tool suite for content creators who are creating high-quality, immersive 3D180 and VR360 experiences. With the click of a button, live streaming and publishing video to YouTube couldn’t be easier.

Also new, ASSIMILATE has partnered with Sennheiser to accept direct feeds from the Sennheiser AMBEO VR Mic. This assures VR video creators of the highest quality sound for greater impact when creating immersive VR experiences.

New and Only: SCRATCH VR 9.0 with Z CAM K1 Pro Camera for 3D180 is the only integrated 3D180 end-to-end production workflow on the market, from preview, to shoot, data management, stitching, color grading, compositing, & finishing.

“Together with Z CAM, we strive to simplify VR production for content creators in all markets, as well as to provide the highest quality, most efficient VR tools and workflows with the best price/performance value,” said Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE. “The combination of the Z K1 Pro and SCRATCH VR 9.0 is a good example of creative efficiency because sometimes high-quality VR180 is all that’s needed to create high impact.”

For complete specifications for the K1 Pro VR180 / 3D camera, visit

See at Z CAM booth C1052.

New and Only: Complete Turnkey VR Studio – NextComputing™ has joined forces with Z CAM™ and ASSIMILATE® to create two versions of a complete, turnkey VR Studio to give all content creators one-stop-shopping for a powerful, fully integrated VR workflow. Both bundles include the following.

  • NextComputing Edge T100 workstation
  • Z CAM™ S1 6K Professional VR Camera
  • Z CAM™ WonderStitch software for offline stitching and profile creation
  • ASSIMILATE SCRATCH™ VR 9.0 post-production software and live streaming for Z CAM

The Foundation VR Studio provides all you need for your immersive productions. The Power VR Studio gives you the extra boost for more challenging VR productions. Read all about the entire product-bundle specifications, and then it’s a simple click to start your online order.

See at B&H booth SL2916

New and Only: SCRATCH VR 9.0 enables real-time geometry conversion, stitching, color grading and camera painting in Supersphere’s new 12G glass-to-glass flypacks optimized for live VR/360° streaming. Supersphere’s cutting-edge multi-geometry (mesh/rectilinear/equirectangular) flypacks can handle 360°, 180°, 4K, or HD production and seamlessly mix and match all geometries.

Each flypack is standard equipped with several Z CAM K1 Pro stereoscopic 180° cameras and Z CAM S1 Pro 360° cameras, and it’s also customizable to any camera as productions demand. The flypack also includes built-in VDN (video distribution network) encoding and delivery for live streaming to any platform or custom player. Learn more at

“With our flypack, we are now offering a live-streaming service for customers who require streaming live content, such as sporting events, e-sports, music concerts, global presentations, or whatever the need,” said Lucas Wilson, founder and executive producer at Supersphere. “Our goal is to provide excellence in services for the exploding demand in immersive streaming content.”

Wilson added, “When we developed our new flypack, we considered various post-production tools but SCRATCH VR 9.0 stood out as the clear choice. It has the necessary combination of what we and our customers need – real-time geometry conversion, extensive color grading and camera painting features, a highly efficient workflow, and incredible speed/performance for live streaming.”

See at Z CAM booth C1052.

Price and Availability
SCRATCH VR™ 9.0 is now offered in a Beta version, with the product available in 30 days. To sign up for the 9.0 Beta and to learn more about the SCRATCH VR product features and benefits, visit

SCRATCH VR 9.0 is $145.00 (USD) monthly and $995.00 (USD) annually.

Also New at NAB 2018: SCRATCH 9.0 – A big boost in features to increase efficiency and productivity for dailies, color grading, and finishing, and it boots up in 2.1 seconds! SCRATCH 9.0, the foundation for SCRATCH VR 9.0, is known for its high-performance 2D/3D tools in a single, streamlined workflow – dailies, conform, color grading, compositing, finishing & mastering – and it continues to evolve in SCRATCH 9.0 as the most efficient post-production tool suite on the market.

SCRATCH 9.0 is now offered in a Beta version, with the product available in 30 days.  To sign up for the SCRATCH 9.0 Beta and to learn more about the SCRATCH product features and benefits, visit

New product highlights include the following:

  • Easy-to-learn UI with four tabs for “rooms” that contain all the necessary dailies and post-production functions. The tabs also guide the user easily through the entire software workflow and make it easy to switch back and forth between each functional room.
  • GPU decoding of h.264 media for faster playback of 4K, 6K, and 8K files, as well as live streaming
  • Fast h.265 encoder with a high-quality bit-rate for efficiently encoding very high-resolution media
  • New full-width, mini timeline that gives users more real estate without panning for added efficiency          
  • Offered Only in ASSIMILATE SCRATCH - increased audio capability for dailies with manual audio sync functionality. Simply set a clap marker on the waveform and sync it to the clap frame to slip audio.
  • Up to eight configurable hot keys for dailies, creating greater efficiency and saving time
  • DITs can add configured colored notes to a shot via hotkeys to make dailies and approval sessions more fluid and efficient.
  • Greatly increased functionality in generating dailies metadata reports
  • Amazingly fast rendering and transcoding.

See at B&H booth SL2916

About Assimilate
Assimilate provides real-time post-production tools and workflows that have proven essential to productivity and creativity in the creation of 2D/3D/VR studio and independent feature films, documentaries, TV episodes, and music videos. The Scratch product line equips directors, DPs, on-set DITs and post-production artists with the latest, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and efficient tools and workflows they need to simplify the post-production process and achieve high-quality results. Scratch is resolution independent, and continually updates support for nearly all formats. Additionally, in SCRATCH VR, ASSIMILATE offers the only professional end-to-end VR workflow and tools for VR360 / 3D and VR180 / 3D – including stitching, Ambisonic sound, and live streaming. Assimilate partners with Z Cam to offer complete, integrated VR workflows with its SCRATCH VR and the Z Cam S1, S1 Pro, and K1 Pro VR cameras – from previews to shoot, data management, stitch, color grading compositing, finishing, and mastering. Assimilate also partners with Sennheiser to include its world-class audio capability with its AMBEO A-B converter integrated in SCRATCH VR. Learn more at