After being temporarily unavailable to viewers for a few months, the multi-award winning documentary Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations from acclaimed filmmaker Ron James is now once again available for streaming on the Amazon and TUBI networks.

Originally released worldwide in April 2023, the acclaimed UFO documentary, narrated by renowned actor Matthew Modine, went on to win an impressive 27 film festival awards, including top honors at the Impact DOC Awards, the Parapod Film Festival, the Hollywood Gold Awards, the Sci-Fi Horror & Action Film Festival, the Florence Film Awards, the IndieFEST Film Awards, Documentaries Without Borders International Film Festival, the Milan Gold Awards, the Fortean Film Festival (where it won in five categories,) and the Paris Film Awards, to name just some. Accidental Truth, also an Award Finalist at FilmHaus, stayed on the list of the Top 20 Documentaries worldwide for twenty weeks, according to Apple.

Said Ron James, “I am very pleased to announce that my documentary Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations, which is now being distributed by Film Hub, set the stage for the current political events surrounding the process taking place in Washington, D.C., on the topic of UFO Disclosure. It presents evidence to confirm the claims about proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life and technologies made by UFO witness David Grusch, who testified before the U.S. Congress in July 2023. In fact, Congressman Tim Burchette, himself, made mention of my film during that historic hearing. Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations also presents solid evidence to viewers that powerfully disputes the latest round of ‘Official Reports’ recently released from governmental entities - such as the Pentagon and AARO – that, to date, no definitive evidence of alien technology has ever been presented to them.”

The cast appearing in Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations is comprised of a “who’s who” of today’s UFO-related newsmakers. In addition to the narration by Matthew Modine, the film presents special appearances by Congressman Tim Burchett, New York Times journalist Ralph Blumenthal, Pentagon insider Lue Elizondo, author Dr. Michio Kaku, Stanford Professor Dr. Gary Nolan, and other notables best known from their appearances on such popular, UFO-themed TV shows as Ancient Aliens.

Adds Mr. James, “Presently, we are working on the follow-up to Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations, which will be entitled Accidental Truth - Next. I urge everyone who is interested in the UFO/ET phenomenon, but has not yet seen the original version, to check it out soon! The public has a right to this knowledge, and many of us filmmakers working in this arena have been uniting as a driving force to stand up for the truth against the very powerful forces of deception. To viewers of Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations, I say that watching this film is your chance to get up to speed about the biggest deception in the history of humanity. I truly believe that the people who watch my documentary will be able to stand at the ready, when, finally, the truth is 'officially' revealed, and the 77-year-long Truth Embargo finally ends.”

Since its initial release, Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations has generated numerous positive reviews, including this one from Debrief Magazine:  "The best case yet for crash retrievals and non-human interaction - a UFO film we can recommend."  Adds narrator Matthew Modine: "This is an important film. I was really happy to have been a part of it." More about the film can be found on the MUFON Television Website

Ron James will be appearing as a Guest Speaker during the 2024 Contact in the Desert Conference, May 30 – June 3, in Indian Wells. He will participate on a Disclosure Panel, will deliver a Lecture, and will also present a sneak peek look at the Accidental Truth – UFO Revelations follow-up documentary, Accidental Truth: Next. For details, please CLICK HERE

Ron James is an award-winning filmmaker, on-camera personality, writer, editor, researcher, content creator and entrepreneur. His 2023 documentary, Accidental Truth: UFO Revelations, narrated by Matthew Modine, won 27 film festival awards and was mentioned by name at the beginning of the July 2023 UAP congressional hearing by U.S. Representative Tim Burchett. That film has been called one of the most important UFO documentaries of all time, as it lays out both the case and the truth behind the headlines that the film seemed to predict.

A longtime UFO/UAP/ET researcher and expert, Ron has long been a regular guest on many related UFO-themed podcasts and TV shows, including Ancient Aliens and more. He is the co-founder of MUFON Television, an online TV channel boasting the world’s largest collection of commercial-free UAP related material. He also holds the title of Media Relations Director for MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, founded in 1969.

Ron has created many feature length documentaries and dozens of original independent series episodes. He is the winner of a number of national awards, including four EBE Awards and one Telly Award, and is also a four-time winner of the Aegis Award for Excellence in Broadcasting.  

Ron currently produces several of his own TV shows, including Bigger Questions, Spacetime, MUFON Presents, and more. He maintains his own independent production studio in L.A. and in Sedona, AZ. Ron is also a Founding Member of the recently launched Hollywood Disclosure Alliance. Read more about Ron James on IMDB HERE