Jane Velez-Mitchell, an award-winning TV journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and former CNN Headline News host, as well as a 12-year veteran reporter with KCAL TV News/Los Angeles (mostly co-anchoring with legendary broadcaster Jerry Dunphy,) has launched a new, free, global, streaming TV network: UnchainedTV.

App: https://watch.unchainedtv.com/apps/3909/167038  Website: https://unchainedtv.com/

UnchainedTV is available on phones, tablets, laptops and televisions via app stores and streaming devices including Amazon Fire Stick, AppleTV and Roku – with no subscription, email, or password required. UnchainedTV offers hundreds of documentaries, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows and music videos as a portal to a healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and more compassionate lifestyle. 

In conjunction with the network’s official launch, UnchainedTV has also announced the debut of its first reality series: Pig Little Lies. This UnchainedTV Original is the worlds first reality show starring a family of pigs. As the title suggests, the saga of these pigs involves plenty of intrigue, drama… and comedy.

Regarding the launch of UnchainedTV, Velez-Mitchell said, “FREE is the #1 search term of streaming device users. As we've seen, people do not want to pay or have to sign up for a subscription to watch something. We all have too many monthly bills already.  UnchainedTV, our global streaming app, is 100% FREE to download from the app store on your iPhone, Android phone, Apple TV device, Roku device or Amazon Fire Stick. Viewers can also download it via the search bar on LG and Samsung Smart TVs or view it online via UnchainedTV.com. As a 501c3 non-profit, our mission is not to make money. UnchainedTV's only goal is to inform people about how to effectively tackle climate change and related problems like drought, water pollution, ocean dead zones, deforestation, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction and human world hunger. There is something each of us has the power to do three times a day: eat a sustainable, plant-based meal. UnchainedTV shows viewers how to make delicious, nutritious meals, with hundreds of cooking shows, including New Day New Chef, our award-winning, in-studio, vegan cooking show.” 

She continues, “As an activist, I know we have to use all the technology available to be effective. With 8-billion people on the planet, we can't talk to them all one on one. Social media is changing rapidly with platforms going in and out of favor. The UnchainedTV app has the potential to reach tens of millions of people or more. We were in beta testing until the spring of 2022, and we’ve already surpassed one million views and are growing fast. Emmy-winning producer Eamonn McCrystal suggested the app in the fall of 2021 and we jumped on it! It's still in its infancy but growing exponentially. I was in the TV news business for decades, where I often had just a couple of hours to whip together a story. So, we work fast at UnchainedTV. Also, we run a non-profit news organization through our network hub: UnchainedTV.com.

Velez-Mitchell goes on to explain that many streaming networks are spending billions of dollars and hiring hundreds of people, while UnchainedTV is using ingenuity and creativity in place of big budgets. The network’s first Original Series, Pig Little Lies is being produced on a tiny budget but with experienced cinematographers. Eamonn McCrystal is a brilliant director/producer who brought it all together. The network also relies on the passion and talent of hundreds of vegan content creators around the world who donate their time, expertise and videos. Along with award-winning documentaries, cooking shows and celebrity profiles, UnchainedTV offer timely news reports and even music videos that have been given to the network to stream by people who share Velez-Mitchell’s mission to create a kinder, more sustainable world. 

About Pig Little Lies
Pig Little Lies stars Dante and Beatrice, two abandoned potbellied pigs who find themselves marked for death at a high-kill shelter in Southern California. With seconds to spare, Simone Reyes, a country singer with a passion for rescuing animals, finds them a home with wildlife rehabilitation expert Cindy Brady.  Cindy, having no prior knowledge of potbellied pigs, houses mama Beatrice in her laundry room. Then, a dramatic twist. Beatrice is pregnant. Soon, 13 additional piglets arrive and, with them, more head-spinning developments!  Filled with suspense and lots of cuteness, Pig Little Lies is a breakthrough series that has viewers falling in love with pigs and appreciating their intelligence and their desire to be with their family members. Says Velez-Mitchel, “This series will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about pigs. You will be mesmerized by Dante, Beatrice, and their adorable brood. This is a loving family that wants to stay together. They are so smart, sensitive, and gentle.”

Pig Little Lies also features Simone Reyes, a TV personality (Dogs In the City), author and country music singer who has rescued hundreds of animals.  As Vice President of Communications for Social Compassion in Legislation, Simone has been instrumental in passing laws that protect voiceless animals. Speaking of Pig Little Lies, Simone says, Dante literally goes through an obstacle course to be with his bride…but there's a twist. Youll have to watch to find out.”

Executive Producers of Pig Little Lies

Jane Velez-Mitchell
Jim Greenbaum
Cindy Landon
Sailesh Rao

UnchainedTV is a new, free, global streaming network that is under the auspices of Velez-Mitchell’s non-profit news network. When a vegan content creator provides the network with six or more videos, UnchainedTV can create a whole channel around them. Many major vegan organizations/chefs/companies have given the network videos to stream, including PETA, In Defense of Animals, Animal Outlook, Animal Save Movement, Plant Based Treaty, Veganuary, Switch4Good, NutritionFacts.org, Their Turn, Wicked Kitchen, The Vegan Roadie, Our Hen House, Chef AJ and more. 

According to the network’s research, the younger demographic is going vegan in droves, while many others are turning vegan-ish by consciously reducing their meat and dairy intake and seeking out plant-based options. Velez-Mitchell and her team believe society is moving towards the tipping point and predict it’s coming sooner than anyone imagines. She says, “Our relationship with nature, and the other beings in it, must change if we are to survive as a species. This issue intersects with so many others: environmental destruction, food scarcity, human disease… and even societal violence and depression. We must find a kinder way and do it soon. The clock is ticking. UnchainedTV gives people the information they need to make that crucial change.” As Nelson Mandela said, "It always seems impossible until it's done."