With a series of animated videos, product imagery and website build, creative studio BALLAST created the branding and launch for LUMINAYRE®, a collection of ground-breaking devices designed to bring clean air to shared spaces by killing airborne pathogens with ultraviolet light.

Early in the pandemic, with film and commercial production on hold indefinitely, LUMINYS decided to take proactive measures in battling Covid 19. Pioneers in lighting systems with products like the SoftSun® and LightningStrike®, LUMINYS CEO/CTO David Pringle and President Rich Amadril focused the team on developing germicidal, ultraviolet light solutions by leveraging their core technology and expertise in lighting design and manufacturing. The resulting product LUMINAYRE® is an innovative device that obliterates covid virus particles, making shared ‘breathing zones’ much safer.

Said Pringle, "At the start of the Pandemic, we wanted to leverage the germicidal UV spectrum technology in our SoftSun® and Lightning Strikes®. Using UV to sanitize the air in shared, indoor spaces is highly proven and effective but requires professional expertise to be utilized safely. LUMINAYRE® exhibits unique advantages over legacy technology because we deliver more clean air, with less noise than traditional Air Purifiers.”

To help with the branding and launch of the initiative, LUMINYS President Richard Amadril enlisted creative studio BALLAST to produce several animations that would create awareness around the product and highlight scenarios that the LUMINAYRE device was designed to combat. Said Amadril, “It was a pleasure working with BALLAST! As a high-intensity lighting systems supplier for the motion picture industry, we wanted a clean and sophisticated brand aesthetic that spoke to our tech-savvy and professional audience. Their ability to capture our ethos in a comprehensive visual identity was unparalleled, and they were professionals throughout the process.”  David Pringle added, “BALLAST was an integral partner in shaping our brand identity and educating the public about the patent-pending technology in our ground-breaking LUMINAYRE® devices.” 

“This was a rewarding opportunity to work directly with the brilliant, mad scientists at LUMINYS to launch a product that will directly influence our ability to get back to work in shared spaces together, “ explains BALLAST Creative Director Eric Fulford. BALLAST Exec Producer Jen Ryan adds, “Seeing them create this thing from crazy idea to completion inspired us to bring the full spectrum of our skill-set to solve the creative and branding needs.” 

To learn more about LUMINAYRE, please visit www.luminayre.com

To learn more about creative studio BALLAST, please visit www.ballast.tv