Black Spot and Universal Kids created a new winter wonderland anthem spot that is magical and very danceable.

Black Spot and Universal Kids designed a dazzling world complete with a blue crystal forest, custom-designed costumes, atmospheric lighting, Ruth B.’s upbeat track “Young,” and adorable, energetic kids.

The focus was on every detail – from casting and set design to art direction and lighting – to create this stunning footage.

Black Spot’s Executive Producer Carla Sacks comments: “We had a great collaboration with the Universal Kids team. And knew we would make something special here. Strong production design, the right casting, stylists who were ready to hand-sew for a custom wardrobe. We all worked together to bring a little magic to the screen.”

With Black Spot’s Senior Editor Ben Whitten and Vranizan Design at the wheel, the post-production team got to work, creating a full campaign that included anthem spots, network IDs, and bumpers, plus a full network toolkit.

Said Whitten, “This is just the kind of challenge we love. Everyone pulled together to show the joy in every frame, and we were thrilled to have a collaborative client with a clear vision in the process.”

About Black Spot
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