Boris FX Optics makes it simple to transform photos and still images into mesmerizing works of art from the fantastical to glossy. The 2024 release includes over 180 effects, powerful masking tools, and thousands of presets. One license gives users access to the Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom plugin and a standalone application.

“We built Optics to give photographers and digital artists access to the same high-end photorealistic effects used by the professional visual effects community,” says Boris Yamnitsky, president and founder of Boris FX. “Since its inception in 2020, Optics has featured lens flares, lights, and distortion effects from our Emmy Award-winning Sapphire collection. Over the years, it has grown to include Continuum’s powerful Particle Illusion and skin smoothing/retouching tools. The new release gives users eight more effects and tons of presets from two of the post-production industry’s most widely used plugins.” 

“What I love most about using Particle Illusion in Optics is that because it’s a particle generator, I know that what I create with it will be unique to my image,” comments award-winning digital creator/toy photographer Jesse Feyereisen. “It can’t be found in anyone else’s shot, unlike a piece of stock photography or footage you may see repeatedly in other projects. Yours will truly be a one-of-a-kind effect.”

“There’s very little that can get me as excited as hearing there’s a new version of Optics coming out. Then I got to play with it and found it’s every bit as fun as I’d hoped,” notes Sean McCormack, photographer and writer for Digital Camera World and Kelby One.  “Ever evolving Smoke and Fog? Yes, please! Orbs to beat any out-of-focus shot I’ve intentionally taken? Yay! Prisms that give the effect I want without getting cramps in my hand? Oh my. And that’s just the start. Boris FX must be reading my mind because they're giving me all the tools I love to play with but as digital effects to endlessly refine. Heaven.”

What’s New in Optics 2024
Digital artists looking for greater cinemagraph flexibility can control the visibility of Particle Illusion’s animated particles using an Optics mask. Particles are visible within the mask or appear and emanate outwards depending on the user’s chosen masking method.

The S_PrismLens filter from Boris FX Sapphire creates cinematic and dreamy looks by replicating shooting through a physical glass prism.

The S_UltraGrain filter from Boris FX Sapphire allows photographers/photo editors to instantly add accurate film and camera grain to images, including classic film stocks and modern production cameras (Arri, Alexa, Red, Canon, and Sony).

Five stylistic filters from Boris FX Continuum deliver atmospheric glows, smoke & fog, orbs, prismatic color aberrations, and illuminated LED looks

Magic Sharp from Boris FX Continuum makes it easy to enhance details while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools. 

Optics 2024 adds 100+ additional drag-and-drop presets based on popular filters: beauty retouching, chromatic aberration, digital damage, glows, grunge, lens flares, light leaks, Particle Illusion, and more. 

Optics is available as a low-cost subscription ($9/month or $99/year), perpetual license ($149), or upgrade & support plan ($49/year) on Windows and macOS platforms. 

Customers on active Optics subscriptions or upgrade & support plans receive the new 2024 release as a complimentary update.

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