The Editors & Publishers of SHOOT® Magazine and®, the leading publication and website for professional motion picture production & postproduction for movies, TV, Music Videos, Commercials, and Online Videos, are pleased to announce that John Platt is the winner our SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest - 2018 Summer Edition.  John, a unit still photographer located in Springfield, Australia, caught Director Liz Cooper concentrating intently at the climax of a short film, Wolf, when a young girl estranged from her jailed mother for many years visits and reconnects with her. The shot was taken in Sydney, Australia. This win makes John SHOOT’s first, and only, 2-Time Contest Grand Prize winner. All winning photos shown in gallery above and in the contest winners gallery here. And all contest entries can be found by visiting

Wolf, a short film about Wolf, a homeless young woman, who sleeps on a mattress in an abandoned building in Sydney's Redfern. Having broken her probation for the assault of Ky at a woman's refuge, she sells drugs to survive. One day in the squat she finds a baby abandoned. Left alone with the baby, Wolf must make a life changing decision. John's winning photo, shot with a Fujifilm X-T1 XF56mm 1/500sec f2.2 ISO 100 camera and lens, is published on the cover of SHOOT Magazine's Fall Directors issue as well as being featured inside the issue, on's Homepage, the SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage, and $500 USD cash prize.

Eilish M. Nobes, documentary filmmaker and producer, Savannah, GA, landed herself the Runner-Up prize with the on-set BTS shot from the feature film Nesting Dolls, a psychological thriller, about sorority sisters who spend a week together at a river house. When near-catastrophe strikes, the three are forced against one another as sisters turn into enemies and their humanity and sanity spirals. The film is currently making its way around the festival circuit and will be premiering in San Francisco.  Using a Sony a7S, Elilish captured Director Robbie Snow preparing actress Jenna Krasowski for another take. Eilish explained "the majority of the lighting set ups for this film were in low lighting, so the A7s was the best camera to use for the job. Funny enough, right before principal filming took place I had come back from filming a pitch series in Cuba for National Geographic and the Smithsonian, but while I was there my personal camera which was a Canon 7D Mark II had totally died. So I was actually using my co-producer Calvin Herbst Sony A7s to shoot BTS for Nesting Dolls. It's actually a pretty solid camera, I kinda fell in love with it after using it." Eilish's runner-up photo was also featured inside the Fall Directors issue of SHOOT Magazine, on's Homepage, The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage and the SHOOT BTS Winners Gallery  and she won a $250 USD cash prize. 

Source: Fat Panda Productions Vimeo Page

Source: Bullit vimeo channel Home + Away - Trailer

Honorable mentions
Honorable mention photos were published inside the Fall Directors issue of SHOOT Magazine, are featured on's Homepage, The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest Homepage, and receive a $50 Starbucks gift card. All winning photos shown in gallery above and in the contest winners gallery online here.

  • On Home + Away set with filmmaker Matthew Ogens, DP John Tipton, and crew  Filmmaker Matt Ogens, DP John Tipton, and crew filming a scene in Juarez, Mexico for their new feature documentary Home + Away about kids living on both sides of the US/Mexico border. In this BTS shot scene, shot with Apple iPhone, a father in Juarez, a city plagued by cartel violence, finds solace in watching his daughters play basketball in El Paso, Texas where they attend high school. He cannot cross the border into the United States and thus has never seen them play except via FaceTime. It's bittersweet for him as he is proud of them, but heartbroken he can't be there in person. Often families separated by the border rely on technology like texting, social media, and FaceTime to communicate. Home + Away credits include: Director: Matt Ogens, DP: John Tipton, Producers: Nathaniel Greene, Todd Makurath, Luke Ricci, Vertel Scott, Production Company: Bullitt 

  • On set shooting for documentary on Shape Off Champ Mike Whisnant​ DP Niko Feldman films X3 Florida Shape Off Champ Mike Whisnant, for short doc on Whisnant, as he shapes one of his custom surfboards in Jacksonville, FL.

  • ‘Wohninvest’ commercial Using his 15 year old Nikon D 50 w Sigma 17-70 1:2.8, Miggel got an honorable mention for his live action helicopter landing scene, on the helipad on top of the World Trade Center, Panama City, Panama, in the middle of the city, for a German Real Estate broker Wohninvest. Spot credits include steadicam operator Mathias Mesa from Buenos Aires (shown in the selected BTS shot), director: Nico Kreis, production: Milchstrasse Film Berlin, producers: Philip Töpfer / Dominko Gudelj, dop: Jan Mettler, production service: Miggel & Sun We were shooting for a German real estate broker called 'Wohninvest.'

Source: Wohninvest 'End of Decadence' - directed by Nico Kreis - Milchstrasse Film Berlin 

The SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest is held bi-annually during Emmy season (summer) and during Academy season (winter). The Contest is FREE to enter and is open to all amateur and professional photographers worldwide. The Winter 2018-19 contest opens for entries December 1st, 2018 Midnight ET. There is no limit to the number of photo submissions per entrant. Learn more and enter contest here

About John Platt
After 30 years working on set in the camera department both in Australia and Canada John Platt has a vast catalogue of behind the scenes images. In 2016 he turned his eye 180 degrees and now shoots those in front of the camera as a Unit Still Photographer based out of Sydney Australia.

John's three decades in the film industry working within the camera department places him in an unique position as Unit Stills Photographer. He has a thorough knowledge of film set etiquette, is personally known to the vast majority of any crew that he will work with and most importantly for the Stills Photographer who is given little time on set, he has the invaluable asset of their respect. "My aim as Unit Stills Photographer is to to recreate the essence of the story through stills," says John. "Achieving the results with as little disturbance as possible to the actors, crew or the flow of the days work".

John's photography has been purchased by buyers throughout Australia, the U.S. and Canada. His work has hung in Panavision Australia as well as their head office in Los Angeles. Presently he is preparing his first book, 'Observations' based on his behind the scenes images shot over the last thirty years on set. In Martha Ansara's "The Shadow Catchers" celebrating the history of Cinematography in Australia the number of his images included was second only to that of The Australian Film and Sound Archive. Visit to see more of his work.

About Elilish M. Nobes
Eilish is a documentary filmmaker and producer based out of Savannah, Georgia who hopes to give a voice where there is none, and believes that any cause or person no matter how big or small is worthy of a chance for their story to be told. Driven by her curiosity to explore, and tell stories she believes that there is so much that can be learned if the time is taken to listen and observe the environment around us as well as the people too. Learn more at

About Matthew Ogens
Matt Ogens is an award-winning filmmaker, known for an evocative visual aesthetic where image and narrative are intertwined. He works across a variety of media including advertising, documentary, virtual and augmented reality. Ogens got his start directing long form docu-series for networks including MTV, VH1, CBS, and CNN, and earned three Emmy® nominations for his work for ESPN. His feature documentary “Confessions of a Superhero” premiered at SXSW to critical acclaim.  Ogens segued into commercials and branded content, working with top agencies and brands. He continues to work across both commercials and long form entertainment. In the world of advertising, Matt has helmed major commercial campaigns for Ford, Hyundai, ESPN,, McDonald’s, Visa, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Coors Light, and Nascar amongst others, where he has earned several awards such as a SXSW Interactive award, Clio, One Show pencils, and more. Other notable projects include the short documentary “Kid Yamaka,” which launched on Vice; “North VR,” a virtual reality film shot in Detroit; a Primetime Emmy® Award for “From Harlem with Love” about the Harlem Globetrotters for ESPN’s “30 for 30” series; and several short films for Stand Up 2 Cancer. Current projects include “Why We Fight,” an Emmy® nominated new documentary series, which Ogens created and executive produces and a recent Emmy® nomination for “LA Louvre,” an augmented reality film for RYOT and Huffington Post.  His new feature doc “Home + Away”, which follows high school athletes living on the US/Mexico border, premiered at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Learn more at

About Miggel
Miggel is a German native, seasoned feature film and commercial producer based out of Punta del Este Uruguay. As being on sets his entire career BTS photography has always been part of his job. Learn more about Miggel at

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