The Editors of SHOOT®,  the leading publication and website for entertainment and commercial motion picture production & postproduction, have opened the call for entries for the SHOOT Behind The Scenes (BTS) Photo Contest - Winter 2017 Edition. SHOOT invites amateur and professional photographers throughout the motion picture industry worldwide to enter the Contest. Entry is FREE. Entries for the 2017 Winter Contest will be accepted now thru March 1, 2018.  For a detailed overview, entry form, entries gallery, and to vote see below or visit: or scroll down to bottom of this page to enter.

Who Should & Can Enter
The semiannual SHOOT BTS Photo Contest is for any motion picture production or post crew members, actors or observers to enter BTS photos from Films, TV, Commercials, MVs, and Web videos.  The Contest is a perfect showcase opportunity for those who are creating, shaping and defining the world of motion pictures production and post. The Contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers in the United States, Canada, and worldwide except where prohibited by law including actors, producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, vfx artists, music & sound producers, designers & mixers, production designers, art directors, costume designers, make-up artists, gaffers & grips, carpenters, animators, set unit still photographers, ADs, PAs, publicists, legal advisers, location managers, and others involved BTS in the filmmaking process. Participation in this contest is subject to the official rules at

The winning image will be published on a SHOOT magazine cover and the winning photographer will receive a minimum of $500. USD.  Runner-up photo and honorable mentions will also receive cash and/or prizes. Click here for example SHOOT Magazine Cover and Page 31  (Note: If sponsors are secured, SHOOT will award larger material or cash prizes.) And, during the Winter contest period, one (1) photo will be selected each weekday as "SHOOT Magazine BTS Winter Photo Contest ENTRY OF THE DAY" and will be posted to SHOOT's BTS Photo Contest Instagram page (@MYSHOOTBTS) as well as SHOOT's Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Click here for example

The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest is a fun opportunity for our readers and followers to participate in documenting and showcasing who they are and what they do every day. The types of photographs we're interested in seeing are listed below and should be interesting, fun, surprising and creative:

  • crew/talent pictures (individual or entire team)
  • in the studio or on location
  • on set, near set, stage, make-up, design, art, lighting, carpentry dept shots
  • post studio sessions: editing, recording, VFX, voiceover, etc.
  • cool frames & vfx screenshots
  • awards shows, wrap parties & catered meals
  • workflow / process images
  • equipment & software in action
  • funny, crazy, creative bts shots
  • other fun & interesting bts pics

    How To Enter
    There are three (3) easy ways to enter:

    1. BEST WAY Upload a BTS photo on MySHOOT website via http://BTS.SHOOTonline.comSECURE SUBMIT FORM HERE or scroll down to form at bottom of this page
    2. Upload a photo via the Photo Contest tab on SHOOT's’ Facebook* Page here:  (FB best for uploading via mobile device (i.e. tablet or mobile phone).
    3. EASIEST WAY Publicly share your BTS shot on on your Instagram*, Twitter*, or Facebook account and hashtag it #MySHOOTbts (include short description of photo, names of people (if any) in photo (i.e L to R), and required photo credit info, and hashtag #MySHOOTbts to enable the editors of SHOOT to identify the relevant entries.)

    Submission Details & Period
    The SHOOT BTS Photo Contest - Winter 2017 Edition - Entry Period commenced on December 1st, 2017 at 12 am Eastern Time (ET) and ends on March 1st, 2018 at Midnight Eastern Time (ET) (the Winter Contest Entry Period). Winners will be announced for the Winter contest period within 2 months after the Academy Awards® are announced in March 4th, 2018.

    The contest is FREE to enter and photographers of all abilities are invited to submit photos. There is no limit to the number of photo submissions per entrant. Entries must be in digital format and submitted electronically in accordance with the contest guidelines and rules.  Images must have been taken no longer ago than 3 years prior to the entry's submission date. All entrants must be 18 years old or older. People may vote for multiple entries; however only one vote per person will be allowed per entry, per day during the voting period. 

    All contest photos will be displayed at the My SHOOT BTS Gallery and on SHOOT's Facebook page here.  Submissions must identify the location of the photo. 

    Participation in this contest is subject to the official rules at

    "Vote," “Like” "Retweet" or “Comment” to influence selection process
    The Editors of SHOOT will select winner(s) and honorable mentions but photos with the most votes (maximum number of total votes per image is 1000), Likes, Retweets, comments, etc will strongly influence their decisions.  Voting is a simple click. Vote once per day at the My SHOOT BTS Gallery and on SHOOT's Facebook page here.  Anyone can vote on an image for free and keep revisiting each day to do so. Along with the Votes made at the My SHOOT BTS Gallery and on SHOOT's Facebook page, Likes and retweets counts will be added in as well from Twitter Facebook Instagram. And, comments on our Twitter Facebook Instagram will also be reviewed.

    Sponsorship Opportunities
    SHOOT is offering sponsorship opportunities to connect with the motion picture production market via The SHOOT Behind The Scenes Photo Contest. From simply providing prizes all the way to a full year of exposure. Now is the best time to jump on board this ground floor new branding opportunity. Photo contest packages can be customized to fit individual exposure and branding needs. We are open to various types of sponsorships including product, endorsement, trade, and cash for prizes (any product prizes must be valued at $350. USD and higher). Contact event producer via email

    For SHOOT's 2016 Contest year, our first ever, SHOOT received over 650 entries from all over the World, opened an Instagram account for the contest at #myshootbts that is getting likes and followers from user groups such as #adagency #ASC #behindthescenes #boomoperator #broadcastproducer #broadcastproducer #bts #cameramayhem #camerawork #cinematographer #cinematography #commercialproduction #creativedirector #director #directorofphotography #dop #film #filmcrew #filmeditors #filmlighting #filmmaker #filmmakers #filmmaking #filmproduction #filmproduction #filmschool #filmset #filmset #filmsound #gripandelectric #griprigs #grips #lightingandgrip #locationsound #makeupartist #makingmovies #moviemakers #moviemaking #nycmayorsoffice #nylovesfilm #photocontest #producedbyny #producer #production #productiondesigner #productionsound #REDCamera #setdesign #setelectric #setlighting #setlighting #shotovercamera #soundcrew #sounddevices #soundrecordist #theasc #society_of_camera_operators #vfx  and many more! View 2016 entries archive here

    We are listed on Photo Contest GURU

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    * Your photo(s) entries must be shared publicly and in accordance with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook’s Terms of Use (,, There is no limit on the number of photos entrants may enter to be considered during the Entry Period, as long as no photo is a duplicate of a previous entry. Entrants acknowledge that this Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Entrants acknowledge that any information they provide in connection with the Contest is provided to the Producer and not to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Any questions or comments regarding the Contest must be directed to the Producer; not to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Entrants release Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and its associated companies from any and all liability claims arising in respect of the Contest.

    ENTER CONTEST BELOW or at the BTS Photo Contest tab on SHOOT's’ Facebook* Page here: (FB page best for uploading via mobile device (i.e. tablet or mobile phone).