Mercedes’ revolutionary EQ fleet needed a visual language just as bold as its models for a launch during the iconic Masters Tournament. No one better suited than Cokau, the directorial team of Achille Coquerel—a former chief editor—and Thomas Kauffman—a former motion designer.

The brief: to portray the cars accelerating through naturalistic tunnels of long-exposure light. But shooting high-speed vehicles in long exposure on location was incompatible with the level of detail and high-fidelity premium feel that we were looking to achieve.  

Our solution for the majority of the spots was to bring the EQ fleet to one of the most technologically advanced volume stages in the country. The environments were created in Unreal and displayed on the volume, to achieve a seamless atmospheric view.  Road and wheel replacement was augmented in CG. Each shot was imbued with gravity-defying dynamism and fluidity, while a distinct palette of colored light helped differentiate the models while accentuating form and features of the cars.   

A Technocrane allowed the directors to create much more energetic, nimble, and fluid images than shooting on the road with a traditional arm car would permit. And, at the same time, the state-of-the-art technology provided a realistic look, as though the lights were being emitted by real environmental objects and sources.  

The Charging Hub spot was filmed on location at Mercedes Benz USA’s state of the art charging hub station in Atlanta, illustrating the unique rapid charging experience for the user inside and outside of the vehicle.  Cokau was able to capture this seamless and luxurious experience with dynamic camera moves and unique style. 

Cokau is the latest addition to CASEY’s growing roster. They join directors and photographers such as Satellite Lab, Favourite Colour: Black, Marc Trautmann, Nick & Chloé, Matthew Jones and BAM. 

Beyond automotive, the New York-based production company helmed by Patrick Casey is a leader in technology and luxury content creation—among others. Selected clients include Meta, Cartier, Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, Chanel, American Express, Samsung, and Apple. 

The spots air during the 2024 Masters. You can also watch them below: