After a two-year development process, Nike Vision has reinvented performance eyewear for elite runners.  New York-based Catch was the agency selected to tell the story and handle the launch, which will feature Olympic medalist Bershawn Jackson.

In partnership with eyewear giant Marchon Eyewear, a division of VSP Global, and innovative lens manufacturer Zeiss Optics, Nike Vision is introducing the SP16 collection of next generation performance sunglasses, inspired by aeronautics and designed for athletes.

The lead product is the Nike Vaporwing Elite, sunglasses notable for a lens that becomes the frame. Optimum optical clarity, light materials, a responsive, ventilated fit and aerodynamic design increase the ability of athletes to focus on motion without being visually distracted or impaired by environmental conditions, giving them physical and psychological advantages over the competition.

Catch New York -- the agency founded by former City of New York CMO and New York Yankees VP Joseph Perello, past NFL creative lead Douglas Spitzer, and AKA agency founder Arie Kovant -- spoke with professional, collegiate and dedicated amateur runners, coaches and sports psychologists as part of an extensive discovery process. The insights uncovered helped the Catch team focus on the evolution of the eye, a story that will be told in a three part documentary series.

"We heard something that really stuck with us in our discovery. Nearly every part of the body can be trained to surpass old limits, but eyes, a key tool in athletic performance, are what they are," said Catch Chief Creative Officer Douglas Spitzer. "Now Nike has developed a product that makes up for natural evolution falling short."  

Telling the story of how Nike created this new product and its potential for athletes became the campaign idea.

The full story of "Your Eyes Have Evolved" will be told in three documentary-style short films. The first film (, debuting this month, tells the story of the Vaporwing's design, with the manufacturing story following the end of May.  The third documentary provides the perspective of the athlete as told by American 400-meter hurdler Bershawn Jackson, and will be released in June.

A 30 second launch spot, where eyes are surgically merged with sunglasses, was teased April 1 with the launch of the new website

The digitally focused campaign targets competitive and elite runners through media partners like Runner's World, Competitor Group and Triathlete as well as through Nike Vision's Social Channels and paid media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Catch manages strategy, creative development, production, paid media and social media for this campaign. The firm partnered with Whitelist on film production, the Exchange Lab for programmatic ads and Built, who designed the website.

Screenwork Credits
Client: Nike
Kirk Birmingham, Global Brand Leader, Licensed Products; Kelly Purdy, Global Product Licensing Director

Stephen Tripi, Marketing Director

Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens
Flora Schierano, Marketing Manager

Agency: Catch New York
Partner/Chief Creative Officer: Douglas Spitzer, Managing Partner: Joseph Perello, Managing Director: Jason Dorin, Media Director: Stephen Wraspir, Executive Creative Directors: Marco Cignini, Group Account Director: Natasha Williamson, Social Media Strategist: Melis Figanmese, Account Supervisor: Matthew Belsito

Production Company: Whitelist
Director/Editor: Joe Sill, Ien Chi; Executive Producer: Jerad AndersonProducers: Jason Richardson, Jaz Kalkat; SR Production Manager: Matt Griffo, Whitelist HOP: Nick Erickson

About Catch New York
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