Catherine Losing is a director/photographer who has recently made the exciting move to join Common People Films. 

Originally from Doncaster, Catherine studied photography at Nottingham Trent before moving to London to assist world famous photographer Lacey, sharing her journey from photographer to director.  It was during this period that she was drawn to working with more graphic styles and colour.

In 2013, Catherine moved to Blink Productions and, working alongside their other talented directors, she honed her commercials craft.  Her colourful and graphic portfolio now spans fashion, technology, still life photography and commercials.   As a director, Catherine is a multi-talented force capable of delivering full brand campaigns across commercials, social assets and print photography, which caught the eye of Common People Films.

Catherine's brand credits include projects for: Absolut, BBC, British Fashion Council, British Vogue, Elle, Farfetch, Grolsch, IKEA, Lacoste, Miss Vogue, MoMA, Peroni, Polaroid, Riposte, Samsung, Sharwoods, Target, TFL, Topshop, The Guardian, Twin Magazine, UA, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Wired, Wonderland and WWD.

Find more of Catherine Losing's work HERE.

Catherine’s notable photography highlights have also seen her commissioned by MoMA New York to create imagery for their first fashion exhibition in over 75 years and she has shot internationally for several Vogue publications and is undertaking an artist’s residency funded by The British Council.

Her Favourite Types of Project
“I watched a crazy amount of TV as kid and was blown away at the thought of people earning a living from shooting ads like Sony ‘Paintballs’ and Skoda ‘Cake’.  Like most people then, I was obsessed with 90s MTV - Michel Gondry, Hype Williams, Mark Kohr, Spike Jonze”.  

Stylistically, although she is very happy to work on a variety of brand campaigns, Catherine is drawn to colourful projects and definitely more into visually interesting ideas over storytelling.  She loves to work with brands that don't take themselves too seriously, with treatments that are fun and bold and also loves to push the fashion and beauty angle that’s so prevalent in her photography.