The team at design-driven creative production company Sarofsky was commissioned by CFA Institute and Ogilvy to take part in an ambitious integrated media campaign that is now in wide use worldwide. The campaign features a total of seven elegant animated spots based on illustrations by Paul Wearing, each of which elevates CFA's branding and its missions. The spots appear on the brand's YouTube Channel ( and in countless other broadcast and online placements, with extensive customization services for various markets handled internally by Sarofsky's artists.

Led by group creative director Rob Jamieson, Ogilvy's team presented Sarofsky with Wearing's illustrations, along with several scripts focusing on CFA's branding and ideas for bringing it to life. "Rather than have the logo be what you see when the spot is over, we set out to ensure the logo itself becomes essential to the stories being told," began Erin Sarofsky, company principal and executive creative director. 

Erin continued: "Honoring the simplicity of the branding, the illustrations and the scripts, I knew that our success would be hinged on our restraint. The goal was to do let the branding and the messages sing."

Also led by executive producer Steven Anderson, creative director Stefan Draht, and associate producer Madeline Miller, Sarofsky's artists handled much of their work in Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, as well as Maxon's Cinema 4D. The stylized "vector" look of the finished animation reflects a mix of both 2D and 3D.

Finishing the project in After Effects, Adobe Premiere was then used to create the numerous versions, customizations, compressions and exports.

"The team at Ogilvy was an amazing partner for us," Erin added. "They knew what they wanted but were also open to ideas and exploration, which is a tribute to their strong, trusting relationship with their clients at CFA."

Complete project credits are available upon request.

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