charlieuniformtango Audio Editor/Mixer/Engineer Jake Kluge is passing on his lifelong love of sound as an Adjunct Professor of Audio and Postproduction at Collin College in Frisco, Texas. Since August 2021, Jake has spent his Monday evenings teaching audio engineering to students. This love of teaching began several years ago when Jake designed and built an audio studio at Arts Mission Oak Cliff where he taught a few classes of audio engineering. “That was my first foray into teaching, and I enjoyed every minute of it,” Jake says.

Jake’s love of sound began early, “My father had a gigantic stereo system in our basement that I wasn’t allowed to touch. All I wanted to do was turn the knobs and make things LOUD. Finally, for my twelfth birthday, Dad bought me some stereo equipment so I would leave his alone. One day, while I was in high school, I decided to plug a VCR into my stereo – I was hoping to improve the sound I was getting from the TV. I popped Return of the Jedi into the VCR, and the difference was magic. That was the day I realized I wanted a career in radio, movies or TV.”

In 1999, after Jake graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television from Kansas State University, he joined Wichita’s KWCH-TV. He later began helping design and install custom home theaters.

Jake was hired as an audio assistant at charlieuniformtango in 2000 and became a full-time engineer in 2002. “I’m so grateful to all those who have mentored me over the years, especially Tango’s audio guru Russell Smith,” says Jake. “I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked on everything from Super Bowl spots to feature films here at Tango. It’s only right that I share what I’ve learned. It’s great to help the next generation of audio addicts like me make some noise of their own.”

Audio continues to be a big part of Jake’s life. When he’s not working at Tango or teaching, he writes, produces, and directs radio plays at Arts Mission Oak Cliff. He also restores vintage audio gear. Jake says, “I just really love sound, and I enjoy passing on that love. Teaching is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but every time I see one of my students ‘get it,’ it’s worth it.”

Jake’s latest reel here:

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