Lola Lott, charlieuniformtango principal/CEO, announced charlieuniformtango directors Jeremy Bartel and Lan Freeman, and executive producer Jeff Elmore have been collaborating since fall of last year on a project they call “Comic Strip.”

Today, on April Fool’s Day (perfect timing), the first “Comic Strip” will launch on a dedicated YouTube channel.

“Comic Strip is based on a simple idea: there is freedom in restriction. Like newspaper strips from your childhood were restricted to three panels to tell a story, Comic Strip is restricted to three shots. The restriction of three shots forces brevity within the story being told. But that’s where the restrictions end, there’s no limit to the subject matter, characters, or situations that can be explored. 

“Currently the goal of Comic Strip is for each “strip” to be released weekly through 2016 via a dedicated YouTube channel. The hope is to employ actors in multiple roles and recurring characters as Comic Strip evolves,” said Bartel.

“The idea came about as we were talking about how fun it would be to just let our creative ideas create content exactly how we pictured it in our minds,” said Freeman. “Then, we took it further, and said what if we had to tell a complete story in just three shots. We saw that as a way to set a perimeter between best work and limitation, and a great way to collaborate. Although the content we’ve created so far ranges from about 30 seconds to a minute, as we go forward, the three shots could be any length.”

View the first three comic strips below or on COMIC YouTube channel here:

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