Otherworldly longing permeates the new video “Ghost” directed by Lucky 21's Andrew Ryan Shepherd for BY THE COAST. The video introduces BY THE COAST’s inaugural track, which debuted on Spotify. BY THE COAST is a new project by accomplished musicians Nick Box and Adam Fischer who united with Director/Photographer Shepherd to design the band’s visual identity, from key art and photography through the haunting and mysterious journey in “Ghost.”

BY THE COAST came to fruition by fate and Instagram, when Fischer posted the early stages of a song in development. Fischer very nearly deleted the post, but not before it caught the ears of Box who is known for incorporating subtle piano into emotive, sweeping arrangements. From the digital space to the real world, a collaboration between the two artists came about organically and effortlessly, transforming from one song to many.

With the collaboration sparked via Instagram, it seems fitting that visuals were always an essential part of the expression of BY THE COAST, who found a co-conspirator in Lucky 21’s Andrew Ryan Shepherd. Working with Box and Fischer was a welcome opportunity for Shepherd, a musician-turned-director for whom audio and image are inseparable. To create the dreamlike atmosphere in “Ghost,” Shepherd turned to his friends at Lucky Post to shape the video’s edit, color, and visual effects.