The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival commissioned a film from Ogilvy Atlanta and The Colony director Hughes William Thompson to remind audiences of the power of cinema and the festival to connect people in a way that small screens can’t.

Fresh off his own first feature, The Colony’s Hughes William Thompson directed the powerful short film that portrays a disconnected population engaged with their small screens and phones instead of the people around them. In the final moments of the film a man removes his earbuds and turns to the stranger beside him to strike up a conversation about a film he saw at the festival.

The film was created by Ogilvy ECD Jason Aspes and creative directors Matt Spett and Chris Dutton. It was shot by DP Alex Gallitano, with editorial by Beast, VFX by Afterparty VFX and color grade by Company3. Music and sound design were created by Nylon Studios.

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival is the largest single film festival in Atlanta and one of the largest Jewish film festivals in the world, running from January 24 to February 15 at venues all across Atlanta.

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