Colourlab Ai is releasing its 1.3 version update with features and improvements focused on cinematographers. Ever since its initial release, Colourlab Ai has been increasingly adopted by Cinematographers and filmmakers for its ability to create a Show LUT. In a quest to add character and individuality to images created by modern digital film cameras, a Show LUT has become one of the cinematographers' most essential tools. Thanks to Colourlab Ai features like Ai Reference image match, color management and extensive film emulation functions of Look Designer, the process of Show LUT design has been simplified and made more intuitive than ever before, empowering cinematographers to design and develop their own Show LUTs. This release of Colourlab Ai streamlines this process even further. 

Colourlab Ai is the world's first color grading application that brings the addition of the EL Zone system. Developed by Ed Lachman, ASC, the EL Zone system is an intuitive, innovative tool for displaying exposure values using stops, a universal standard for cinematography. By measuring light value in stops inside color grading, the application allows scene-referred monitoring, which was possible only through the use of light meters on-set. This monitoring method is of great advantage as it works across all display devices and so brigs consistency between SDR and HDR masters. Colourlab Ai's implementation of EL Zones allows users to quickly evaluate and control exposure for more than 20 different camera types.

Colourlab Ai 1.3 also adds HDR waveforms, a new dual-view vectorscope, and a brand new 3D LUT export and conversion functionality to assist look control further.

Another key feature in this update is NDI support.  NDI has been gaining significant momentum in the industry, and support in the Colourlab Ai application now allows users to use the industry-leading scope applications ScopeBox and Nobe OmniScope on a single Mac computer. NDI support also offers the ability to stream the Colourlab Ai viewer to any device, in any location, anywhere in the world via Zoom, Skype, OBS, or any NDI-supported streaming platform such as

Thursday, July 1st, 10:00 AM PDT, Colourlab Ai founder Dado Valentic will provide an overview of the new 1.3 features in a live stream which can be viewed here:

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Colourlab Ai is currently MacOS only and available for subscription for $49 per month or $490 annually. Additional details on Colourlab Ai can be found at

About Colourlab Ai
Colourlab Ai is the culmination of years of research into human color perception. While traditional Color Science is focused on image processing, Colourlab Ai builds on discoveries in the Neuro-Scientific field, focusing on the impact that color has on our mind and emotions.

In addition to look development and shot matching, Colourlab Ai is the backbone of a simplified Color Managed Workflow approach. Originally this workflow was reserved only for large movie productions, but with Colourlab Ai’s toolset, a Color Managed Workflow became simplified and accessible.

Backed by the Industry’s Best

In its early development stages, Google and Nvidia both supported Color Intelligence's artificial intelligence R&D efforts. The company was selected by the renowned Silicon Valley incubator program, Y Combinator, designed to bring funding and expertise to promising new products and enterprises.

The company attracted angel investments from Steve Bayes, former Avid product designer and Apple Pro Video product manager responsible for both Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro and James Richings, previously the joint managing director of EditShare EMEA and the current owner and Chairman of LWKS Software Ltd. (Lightworks editing software).