Devon Bradbury discovered editing when she was fifteen and a high school project shaped her career trajectory. “I was the historian of my high school band (nerd alert) and part of that role was to edit together a little video that was played at the end of year banquet,” says Bradbury. “I made the entire banquet hall cry and it was then I knew I wanted to make people cry as a career, but in a good way.”  Upon graduating from Cal State University Northridge with a degree in Cinema and Television Arts, Bradbury found Whitehouse Post.

“I remember viewing the work on the Whitehouse website and I was blown away at the caliber of creativity that was packed into 30, 60, 90 seconds by so many talented editors,” she says. “The possibility of growing into an editor with the guidance and mentorship of these amazing artists was too good to pass up. I think that's really what has kept me here, the opportunity to learn and be a part of this group of talented, wonderful people is such a delight that I didn't think was possible. Now to become a name on the roster is a huge moment for me after 7 years!”

Bradbury quickly transitioned from runner to assistant editor and in 2018 moved across the country from LA to NY to continue working at Whitehouse as a senior cutting assistant.  The move afforded many opportunities for Devon to cut her own work, teaming with global brands like Gatorade, Reebok, Mercedes Benz, Jack Daniels, and Verizon, and top directors Siri Bunford, Thomas Hilland, Stuart McIntyre, and Diego Contreras.  In addition to commercial work, Bradbury cut award-winning short films that have screened at Cannes, The Tellys, and The Women in Film Awards. 

Coming into her own at a time when a new generation of viewers is shaping how and where we consume content, Bradbury has her finger on the pulse.  “I think the industry is in the process of being shaped by this new generation of viewers. We are more so getting our entertainment, news, and media from social media and streaming services. I think the challenge is to keep up and think of fresh, interesting ways to connect with this younger audience that lives on the internet and has moved away from broadcast television. I'm looking forward to challenging myself to find new, fresh ways to make this young audience cry,” she laughs. “Mostly though, I want the opportunity to work alongside and collaborate with some of the best creatives in the world. Finding the perfect blend of minds, personalities, and energies is difficult to do but when it happens it's one of the best feelings.”

“We are very excited for this launch,” says Whitehouse New York Executive Producer Caitlin Grady. “Devon is already thriving in this market, and this makes it official!” 

View Devon Bradbury's work reel here.