As the creative services industry changes, so too are the companies charged with developing their business opportunities. Recognizing these two emerging trends, Numodo, the six-year-old creative representation firm led by production and business development veteran Heidi Bayer, announced the addition of several key new clients, expanding the roster to include a fuller palette of creative talent, as well as broadening the company’s overall focus beyond network promotion and marketing to encompass advertising and increase client direct opportunities.

Numodo’s new clients include: 7Ate9 Directors, the Hollywood-based live action production company led by Disney Channel wunderkind and Turner alum Art Spigel; dFlash, founded by Laura Mignott, the WBE certified event marketing and production company known for building brand experiences for companies like Netflix and Bose; and the woman-owned, multi-skilled creative design studio Faculty. They join the current Numodo roster that includes the acclaimed design/animation houses Leroy & Clarkson (also woman-owned) Metaphrenie; social/digital agency Wildlife; and editorial and content company Storm Studios.

“The trend toward consolidating marketing departments has been brewing for years, but we’ve seen an uptick in 2018,” Bayer says. “That means two things: clients are looking to partner with outside creative studios to pick up the slack, but also that it’s imperative creative companies today be able to do a lot of things well. The phrase of the day is “360 campaign” and what that means can vary from client to client, but for many creative firms it means specialization can limit opportunities.”

Expanding Focus
Building on Bayer’s past expertise both as an executive producer and from her work in client relations and new business development, she launched Numodo in 2012 with a focus primarily on the network promotion and branding industry, but as the company has grown, it has also expanded to include advertising agencies and client direct opportunities.

“Advertising agencies and brands are looking to expand their visual presence across all platforms – not just traditional broadcast, but also online, social, VR / AR, in-store, outdoors and with live events that include ‘brand experiences,’” Bayer notes. “They’re also seeking out fresh approaches from creative boutiques that offer different perspectives from diverse creatives that can respond to cultural trends. There are a lot of opportunities for success in these areas.”

Notably for Bayer those opportunities have been shared by women-owned companies, and as a business leader, Bayer is proud to represent three certified women-owned businesses: dFlash, Faculty and Leroy & Clarkson. 

“I'm really proud that to have these three women-owned companies on my roster,” Bayer says. “In this age of #metoo companies want to look beyond ‘the old boys club’ and I’m excited to play part in opening doors that have not previously been so welcoming.”

About Numodo
Numodo, founded by Heidi Bayer, offers representation services in the fields of broadcast design, visual effects, live-action production, VR | AR, animation, illustration and motion design, and also represents companies who produce the best-in-class digital content, digital strategy and digital production for screens big and small in mobile, web, film and television. Numodo gives executives unprecedented access to top creatives who execute digital campaigns, motion graphics, broadcast design, live-action directing, app creation, digital banner ads, social media campaigns and visual effects. Additionally, the companies we represent collaborate in the creation of mobile apps, broadcast animation, web video series production, live-action production, motion graphics and on-air promotion with networks, brands and content providers.

Numodo means a new way of doing (things) (work) (life) (fun).