LAIR, the multidisciplinary creative production studio that opened its doors over a decade ago now, prides itself on finding talent that matches its model. Sarah Jackson is a prime example of this bringing so much experience and so much insight to production. 

Sarah Jackson is uniquely skilled at bringing brand, story and design into alignment to create fully integrated content experiences that delight and deliver.

As an Emmy®-nominated branding expert - with over 15 years experience working as a creative director, writer and producer  - Sarah is a director who deeply understands the client’s need to bridge the gap between the business goals of the brief and the concept’s highest creative potential.  That’s why brands like Peacock, Paramount+, BET, Nickelodeon and Scholastic come to her; to ensure their highest profile projects exceed expectations.

Drawing from her background as the middle child in a bi-racial family from a small town in Upstate NY, Sarah offers a directing style that’s filled with as much empathy as it is expertise. This ability to connect and communicate with a range of diverse subjects and talent is the special sauce that brings even more life to the final creative.

“We are incredibly excited to bring on such a multitalented force as Sarah Jackson,” said Kelly Carson, VP of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

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